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Places Around the Globe that Scream of Unspeakable Mysteries


Humans are innately a curious race. We are drawn by things that seem mysterious. Things that are inexplicable. And this very nature of being curious has been driving us since the beginning of time.

In fact, our curiosity should be given credit for helping our race to survive the odds and consequentially making progress in every aspect of life.

We, as humans, are always working towards discovering the unknown. Always being propelled to unravel the countless mysteries enveloping the world. However, there are several things that forever remain a mystery.

Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we fail miserably at explaining certain things. Such things always remain a topic of debate. And, always a mystery.

But that shouldn’t dampen your spirit when it comes to exploring these mysteries. On the contrary, it should fill you up with an enthusiasm to explore the mysterious places.

Not surprisingly, there are several places across the globe that reek of mysteries where even science fails to give an explanation for their occurrence and existence. And that, my dear, should be a reason enough for you to start your search for last minute flight deals to these places.

Because, nothing satiates a human mind like a good dose of mystery. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey that calls out to the curious soul thriving inside you.

Eternal Flame Falls, Orchard Park, New York


The quaint Shale Creek sitting pretty amidst the winding trails of the Chestnut Ridge Park is where you find a mysterious waterfall that deserves all the attention.

Also known as the Eternal Flame Falls, this is where you can see the two very important elements of earth ― water and fire ― in co-existence. Puzzling, isn’t it? Well, within its cascading flow of water, the tiny waterfall hides a flame of fire that is burning bright.

At first, not many people notice it but once they do, they are always taken by sheer surprise. Also, at times, the water puts out the burning flame, which again fights its way back to illuminate itself in all its mysterious glory.  

Racetrack Playa/ Sailing Stones, Death Valley


What if I were to tell you that rocks can move on their own? You’d be prompt to think that I’m crazy. Well, that I am not and what I am talking about is completely true. The rocks of the Death Valley are known to move on their own leaving behind a trail on the dry land.

This very rare to explain phenomenon has been attributed to the formation of ice around the rocks that cause the movement. However, people still consider it a spooky mystery.

So, book business class flight tickets to this national park in the United States of America and find out the truth behind the linear and circular movements of these mysterious rocks for yourself.

Kuldhara Village, Jaisalmer


Talk of mysteriously eerie places and heads will turn. The Kuldhara Village near Jaisalmer in India has a reputation of a ghost town. It’s said that the village was inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins some 300 years ago. These villagers were living at the mercy of the Diwan of Jaisalmer, who used to charge hefty taxes and employ every unscrupulous means to keep them under his control. Then came a time when the Diwan got smitten by the beauty of the daughter of the village Chief.

He demanded that the girl be married to him else he would wreak havoc. To evade his wrath and unjustified acts, all the villagers escaped one dark night in complete secrecy. Nobody could ever find what happened to them or where they fled. The sudden disappearance of the villagers till this day remains a mystery.

The village today, is in a state of complete desolation, with no trace of human existence. There’s a story to that too. But, I’d leave that for you to unravel. Honestly, too many mysteries cloak this village. So, get exploring!

Blood Falls, Antarctica

Antarctica, in its entirety, is a bed of snow. The all-encompassing whiteness of this land lend it a vibe of the winter wonderland. However, the Blood Falls stand in stark contrast to the environmental expanse of Antarctica.

A densely covered snowy mountain has a waterfall pouring out of the Taylor Glacier in the color of red. The ruddy hues of the water make it look like blood is flowing away from an unknown wound.

While the red color of the waterfall has been attributed to the presence of red algae and recently to the presence of iron in the lake, the gory appearance of the waterfall is quite unsettling to the eyes. Whatever the reason be, this fall in Antarctica is all things amazing and peculiar.

Crooked Forest, Poland


Nature has its own way of stirring up unknown mysteries. And one such work of nature is the Crooked Forest of Poland. The pine trees rise from their base with a 90 degree curve before making an ascent towards the sky in a straight posture.

From afar, the structure of the trees resemble the alphabet “J.” Though the reason behind the crooked shape of these trees is not known, there have been possibly all kinds of speculations and explanations that range from practical to bizarre.

No matter what the reason behind its shape is, these trees with such fictional types of abnormalities is a sight you may have never encountered before. So, why wait? Book cheap flight tickets and get your fill of mystery in this nature’s abode.