Poncho 8 Review, Spitalfields – Healthy Burritos, Mexican Food & More

Try not to get distracted by that weird white goat statue as you make your way to Poncho 8. Although, it does make a pretty obvious meeting point I guess.

How to eat a burrito neatly - Poncho 8

Crowned as ‘Best burrito in London’ by the Evening Standard, my expectations were high. I love burritos for the sheer volume of ingredients you can fit into the wrap. This poses a slight problem when it comes to eating them. Fear not, Poncho 8 have a guide on how to eat a burrito neatly – very helpful.

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I opted for the Barbacoa (aged British beef, marinated in dry roasted guajilo chillies, slow cooked and gently shredded), with brown rice, mild chilli, spicy beans and guacamole for £7.80. Check out the Poncho 8 menu for more.

Barbacoa burrito - Poncho 8

I definitely recommend the barbacoa for the tender stringy beef. I also recommend having the Mexican Horchata water juice (£1), a combination of almonds, vanilla and cinnamon which packs a very sweet punch to cool down your spicy mouth.

And if you’re counting those calories, Poncho 8 has you covered. They offer a number of healthy options from a low fat and a low carb box to gluten free and vegan and even paleo! Delicious food doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. They even have a nutritional calculator so you can calculate how many calories are in your Poncho 8 burrito or anything you order.

What do you recommend eating at Poncho 8? Do you agree with the Evening Standard that Poncho 8 make the best burrito in London? Tell me in the comments section below!

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