Porky’s BBQ Review, Bankside | Great Menu, So So Food

Porky’s menu promises a lot, but fails to bring home the bacon.

It looks like it’s sticking it’s tongue out at me. Cheeky.

It was National Burger Day and I decided to take advantage of the 20% discount on many burgers across London. It was a work day [insert petition to make National Burger Day a national holiday], but I wasn’t going to let that spoil my new favourite holiday!

Luckily, Porky’s is just five minutes from my office so I went for lunch (yeah this could get dangerous, I know).

The Porky burger (£9.25) consisted of an 8oz patty, pulled pork, bacon and jack cheese. A perfectly cooked combination of my favourite meats plus cheese – I was in burger heaven. I’ve added it to my best gourmet burgers in London guide.

I also had the Mac Porky sandwich (£8.50) on my second visit. I was with my new work colleagues and didn’t want to be ‘that guy who takes photos of his food’, so you’ll have to use your imagination I’m afraid. As well as mac and cheese, it had pulled pork and bacon – the mother of all mac and cheese.

But it didn’t really work as a burger in practice. The problem with putting mac and cheese in between a burger is it’s going to fall out. If you’ve read my burger reviews in London, you’ll know I dislike tackling a burger with a knife and fork.

It wasn’t the worst mac and cheese, but it’s also hard to fuck up mac and cheese, right?

Still, I wanted to give Porky’s the benefit of the doubt and returned to try more of the menu – pork scratchings (£2.50) and pulled pork croquettes (£5.10).

I left half of the pork scratchings in the cup, they were that inedible. I didn’t think I needed to bring my hammer and chisel with me. I could have chipped a tooth they were that hard.

Pulled pork should not mix with croquettes. Like a nice guy going to prison and mixing with criminals (Andy Dufresne from Shawshank Redemption?). The pulled pork was extremely dry and it was just a weird texture in general – stringy and mushy.

I want to love Porky’s and I should looking at the menu, especially after loving the Porky burger. But after trying the rest of the menu, I could only recommend the Porky burger.

They also have beer pong tables which sounds fun (but is kind of annoying if you don’t play) and are sat next to them. Staff are friendly, but all three times it took 5-10 minutes to grab someone’s attention for a bill.


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