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Pros and Cons of Frequent Traveling

Is Living Nomadic Life Worth It?



Some people travel when they need to. It might be because of their business or they have to gather a family reunion once a year somewhere out of their city. Lots of people travel only couple of times a year. Mostly when they are going on vacation, once or twice a year.

But there are some people for whom traveling is a way of life. There is no greater purpose of living than to travel so often and to experience new things on an almost everyday basis. I believe it is possible for some to become literally addicted to traveling.

So, is it better for you to be a frequent traveler or to travel only couple of times a year when you have to?

Truth is, there is no correct answer to this question. Everyone does what he thinks is best and what makes him feel right. In this article, we’ll try to pinpoint some of the reasons why traveling often is both good and bad for somebody.

You Live What You Learn

If we are thinking of all the advantages traveling so often can offer, we can’t miss on one of the most important things and that is building confidence in yourself and gaining full independence in any sense of social being.

We all agree that people who travel a lot and live in many different places have exclusive chance to experience life in many different forms. Watching TV shows and documentaries about world cultures and reading about lifestyle in Australia, Asia or America is one thing. Actually going there and living the life as those people see it is a whole other thing.

There is no better way for one to master the language than to engage in open conversations with the locals on a daily basis. Being an alien in New York will just demand from you to find ways to communicate with others, in order to acquire what you need.

Not to mention, traveling so often will teach you the art of day-by-day survival. And we don’t mean that Bear Grylls type of survival. Making ends meet in the urban jungle setting can prove to be equally challenging than what Grylls does in the wilderness.

You will certainly learn a lot from so you won’t make some ordinary mistakes while traveling like other people do. Also, living day-by-day will teach you how to keep an eye on your finances. You’ll develop the sense of urgency while at the same time knowing how to stay calm and cool-headed so you can get on top of things.




It is known that staying in one place for a long time can build anxiety which can ultimately lead to stress. Changing your life or work environment every now and then is more than recommended in order to preserve your mental wellbeing. That’s why most of the people do travel once or twice a year after all.

However, traveling so often and not settling down in one place has its drawbacks. Speaking of which, people have to develop the sense of affiliation to certain region and/or country. Most people travel so they truly find where they belong.

Trouble is, there is a possibility that one can’t find himself for quite a long time. That’s another thing that will ultimately result in a person being anxious and dissatisfying by frequent travels and changing places.

In certain times and periods of life, we travel for fun and we yearn to travel all the time. However, as time passes in life, people usually develop the requisite of making a home somewhere, and that’s not an easy part for nomads who became addicted to traveling.

When you’re away for a long time, you don’t belong there anymore. And when you don’t belong anywhere, you should know you’re in big trouble.

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