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Protect Your Smartphone on Your Travels with AVG Antivirus

What’s a travellers best gadget?

Their smartphone. Think about it.

It’s their map. Their translation book. Their camera. Their notepad. Their connection to friends and family.

All in one small package.

So it sucks when it’s compromised.

But there’s an app for that.

I recently downloaded AVG Antivirus for my mobile (I have been using their free desktop software for years) and wanted to share the amazing features!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has connected to a dodgy looking WiFi connection thinking it’ll be okay for a minute to post an update on social media. Don’t risk it! You can now check the connection is safe with with AVG Antivirus!

Ever received a commercial message from your friend? Why are they trying to get me to buy Viagra?! Your account most likely has been hacked. Password protect not only your apps but photos too!

Travel apps are great, but you can never tell if they’re safe until you download them. I have about 70 apps and it scanned them in a minute. I’ve now set up daily scans cause I have a goldfish memory.

And if worst comes to the worst, you can locate or even wipe your phone if it is stolen. If the pin is entered incorrectly three times, it takes a sneaky photo of the person!

AVG Antivirus allows you to lock the phone if the sim is replaced, meaning the bad guys are stuck with a useless phone. Ha.

It’s also great for general housekeeping tasks like keeping track of your data usage. No more surprise huge bills!

It also gives you an overview of storage, so you can quickly see what’s taking up space to free up more for photos (if you’re anything like me and take all the pictures, this is ideal).

Having AVG Antivirus is one less thing to worry about on your travels! And it’s free!

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