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Quick & Easy Hacks for More Enganging Instagram Stories

It would appear as if social media users have shifted from uploading live content on Snapchat to Instagram Stories, and brands & companies couldn’t be more excited.

With Instagram holding the attention of most, it’s been estimated that nearly 300 million Instagram users upload at least one story a day.

This doesn’t account for the nearly 800 million users on the app who may not be uploading, but are definitely watching.

With all the available tools Instagram offers its users, it’s no wonder so many brands and individuals have hopped on board the Instagram Stories train.

From stickers, to GIFS, the platform is constantly updating to include fun new features that you should be utilizing to create fun and engaging Instagram Stories that will better hold the attention of your audience.

We’re here to give you some quick and easy tips you can begin practicing to better stay on top of your Instagram strategy.

Don’t solely rely on the Instagram camera

Instagram Stories gives you the option of uploading photos and videos from your camera roll to the platform, so shooting directly on the app isn’t necessary.

This is great for a couple of reasons;

(1) the images you capture using your personal camera are going to be of higher quality and shooting in “boost” mode will allow you to capture better candids at a quicker rate.

Instagram only allows you to shoot one photo at a time, and more often than not, you’re going to want a few photos to choose from rather than shooting one and hoping for the best.

(2) being able to upload an image at your discretion means you have the ability to edit your image prior to upload. We highly recommend doing this to ensure all of your content follows a cohesive theme & feel.

You want your audience to feel the ambiance your stories and feed are trying to paint cohesively as this leads to better brand awareness.

Incorporate typography and design

Tieing in the whole “edit before you upload” idea, is the implementation of fun typography and design onto your content.

Although the fonts already on the platform are fun, they’re also pretty generic and already being used by everyone.

If you truly want to up your content strategy, try using outside apps to really make your images & videos pop.

The various font options on apps like Instasize and/or Hype Type will definitely catch the attention of those looking for that “next best thing” and will leave your audience asking “how” time and time again.

With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find something that matches your branding and will further make your content to stand out.

Now that Instagram offers you the ability to save uploaded Instagram Stories content in a “highlight” under your bio, spending a little more time on editing before uploading is not only recommended, but in a day and age where attention is so valued, it’s borderline necessary.



We cannot stress this enough! Instagram now allows you to not only tag within your stories, but also add tags in other places, like your Instagram bio.

Adding hashtags and geotags to your story content is a great way to attract NEW eyeballs to your page. When uploading your stories, click on the stickers icon in the upper right hand corner to add a geotag of your location.

This will upload your story to the locations trending hashtag, and anyone looking at stories that are tagged in “Miami Florida” for example, will be able to see your content.

You may want to spend some time checking out other trending hashtags in your area, that way you can include them in your stories and track even more wandering eyes.

Get creative with overlays and borders

Did you know you could add a full color overlay to any story you’re uploading? These are great when drafting up quick announcements.

If you want to make your entire screen one solid color, simply take an image of anything, click on the pen icon in the upper right hand corner, choose a color, and then tap and hold the screen – this will instantly turn the entire screen into whatever color you chose.

Add text, GIFS, and stickers to dress up your announcement and don’t forget that if you have at least 10K followers, you can add a “swipe up” link.

This is great for sending your audience elsewhere, you want to keep them as looped into your content for as long as possible so utilize the swipe up feature if you’re lucky enough to have one!
*Bonus tip* if you have an edited image that you’re uploading to your feed, upload it first to your stories to build some hype. Add a colored overlay and erase certain parts of it so that only a little bit of your image is being revealed. Then prompt those watching to head over to your Instagram feed to see the whole image.
By getting creative with your Instagram Stories usage, you can surely boost the overall engagement rates on your Instagram account.

With the platform constantly changing and adapting to the latest editing trends, it’s important to stay on top of your game to further remain relevant. Seek the help of outside editing apps, like Instasize, Hype Type, Word Swag, and other editing photo editing apps that will help keep your content cohesive and engaging.

Above all else however, have fun with it! Instagram is a creative outlet and should be treated as such, good luck and happy editing!

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