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5 Best Things To Do In Kolkata

Kolkata is a centre for good food, art and culture, heritage, and history.

Located on the east of the Hooghly River, this city is bustling with an old world charm that has captivated hearts since time immemorial. Having played a major role in the country’s historical story, Kolkata today has grown to accommodate people from different walks of life in a multitude of capacities.

Here are a few off beat places to be visited in Kolkata to get feel of the true spirit of the city and its people.

Kolkata New Market

A comprehensive shopping arcade, the New Market in Kolkata comes from the times of the British. Established in the late 1800s, this market houses more than 2000 stalls that sell almost anything that is of necessity.

From food that beats the best hotels in Kolkata to fashion and accessories, one can find it all right here. A lot of ethnic and authentic products can be found at the New Market for a reasonable deal.

Marble Palace

A palatial mansion in North Kolkata is known for its magnificent marble walls and floors. Built in 1835, the mansion is constructed in traditional Bengali architecture and is said to have used more than 100 varieties of marble in its build.

The mansion also houses an array of artefacts, paintings, chandeliers, and other exotic pieces of art. A visit to this mansion is sure to take your breath away.

Marble Palace
Marble Palace

Kumartuli Idol Makers

A quaint district in Kolkata is lined with countless idols of Gods and Goddesses that will eventually be worshipped or immersed in the holy waters.

Enjoy watching craftsmen sculpt out beautiful effigies of the Lords with a hand that is much experienced and gifted. Their peak season is between August to October, when they prepare the idols for the grand festivals of Durga and Kali.

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Indian Museum

India’s oldest and biggest museum, the Indian Museum in Kolkata has in its envelope some of the most stunning collections of antiques, armours, ornaments, and paintings.

Founded in 1814, the museum has maintained its stature of being one of the most prominent houses of its kind in India. Art lovers and history followers are in for a treat at this Museum.

Indian Museum
Indian Museum

The Maidan

A massive area of 2000 acres in the heart of the city of Kolkata acts as its lungs in today’s polluted and busy environment. The perfect place to take a relaxed evening stroll or to witness a serene sunset, the maidan is sure to rejuvenate your senses.


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