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Pretend you’re in an episode of Man Vs. Food at Red Dog American Sandwiches.

When I come across a food dilemma I think to myself, ‘what would Adam Richman do?’.

Having probably watched every episode of Man vs. Food a few times each at least (thanks Dave), terms such as Rueben, Cuban and Po Boy were already in my sandwich vocabulary. Red Dog American Sandwiches are authentically American then. If Red Dog was a person, I imagine it to be Hulk Hogan, complete with awesome intro theme song.

Problem is, which do I choose?

That’s when I remembered an episode where Adam fell in love with brisket. Brisket Bar-B-Q sandwich (£7.95) it is then.

He’s never steered me wrong. And that remains the case.

Brisket Mozzarella Sticks Red Dog American Sandwiches Hoxton London

Three, inch thick pieces of brisket piled on top of one another with just enough fat for favour. The chargrilled barbecue outside provides a gorgeous smoky taste, topped with a generous dollop of coleslaw making it a mess to try and eat without plenty of napkins at hand. I’d go as far to say one of the best sandwiches I’ve had.

Brisket Sandwich Red Dog American Sandwiches Hoxton

And yes, I’m saying this all out loud and looking into an imaginary camera, emulating my hero. Where is the person who made this so I can hug them?!

I was also excited to finally try mozzarella sticks (£3.25) for the first time. Everything is better with gooey cheese, so a stick of gooey cheese wrapped like a fish finger should be amazing right?

Hmmmm. The thing with mozzarella is we choose it for its gooey characteristic (i.e pizza), not it’s taste. Without anything else to accompany it, it’s tastes of very little.

A pot of blended tomatoes didn’t really combine well. A condiment such as garlic and herb would have been much better in my opinion.

Despite the slightly underwhelming mozzarella sticks, I’m still looking forward to coming back to try the rest of the Red Dog menu.

Another great place near Red Dog American Sandwiches is The Strongroom Bar which serves the Scotch Ness Burger (review), part of my best burgers in London guide. Also check out Ed’s Easy Diner (review), another American diner with all the authentic jukeboxes you can shake your ass too.

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