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Home » Keep Getting Rejected On Airbnb? It’s Like Internet Dating – Tips & Tricks

Keep Getting Rejected On Airbnb? It’s Like Internet Dating – Tips & Tricks

Keep getting rejected on Airbnb?

Started booking/demanding apartments as soon as you’ve signed up like you’re the king/queen of travel?

Being successful on Airbnb is a lot like internet dating. You wouldn’t ask if they’d like to have sex straight away would you? Well some might, but this ain’t no Tinder!

You’ve got to make an effort. After all, the host is trusting you with their home. You wouldn’t let just anyone stay in your home would you? Unlike hotels, Airbnb hosts won’t accept just because you’ve offered their asking price.

Don’t worry, help is at hand. Expending a little effort can dramatically improve your chances of booking successfully.

Treat Airbnb a little more like internet dating and you’ll soon stop receiving disappointing rejection messages and start climbing into their bed, so to speak. Here are my tips for being accepted on Airbnb.

Query before actually booking

See this part of the game as chatting someone up. Before you dive in head first asking for a date, make your interests known by enquiring the availability of the apartment on your chosen dates. You’ll then receive a message from the host.

Fill out your profile

Add a photo and describe a bit about yourself. Show you aren’t a weirdo or a psycho.

Get verification

Scan your passport to prove you are who you say you really are. You’re effort will be rewarded with a green verified tick.

Sign up with a social profile

Not only is it easier to login in with your social account details, it just proves you’re a real person.

Mention if you’re likely to use the apartment sparingly

If you’re like me and set out at sunrise and return late at night, this might be in your favour. I say my trip is about taking photographs and seeing the sights. Equally, if you don’t plan on cooking in the apartment, say so.

Mention similar interests

Look out for rules they’ve mentioned like no smoking and mention you’re a non smoker, if its true of course.

Remember, hosts give feedback about you after the trip, so remember to tidy up and leave it the way you found it. Feedback could harm your chances of being successful on Airbnb in the future.

That means cleaning up after yourself, no throwing the TV out of the window, not leaving skid marks on the toilet bowl…

What are your tips and tricks for using Airbnb as a first time guest? Tell me in the comments section below!

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