Rustique Cafe Review – Cosy Hideaway In Tufnell Park


A three seater sofa by the window. Walls painted a warm yellow and orange. A packed bookcase sits in the corner. Even the exposed kitchen could have been taken straight out of your home.

Tired of the homogenous and characterless Costas and Starbucks of the coffeehouse world? Me too.

If the decor of Rustique doesn’t make you feel like you’ve just come home, their giant mug of hot chocolate and whipped cream will give you a warm, welcoming hug. Or the chocolate cake will doubly make sure.

Served warm, it’s possibly the most moist and light cake I’ve ever had. Touch it with a fork and it surrenders, five centimetres of cake crumbles into a pool of chocolate sauce and cream.

Seems like I’ve found a second home in Tufnell Park.

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