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Sao Paulo – A melting pot of cultures

A melting pot of cultures, Sao Paulo is one of the largest metropolises in South America. Located in Brazil, this destination is known for beautiful and scenic attractions. Travellers coming here can enjoy the cultural diversity of this destination that influences the lifestyle of the people residing in this city. This destination came into existence when Jesuit priests founded this city in 1554. It is situated at the banks of Tiete River. Slowly and gradually, this metropolis gained popularity as a commercial and industrial city. Many industries have been set up at this destination, and as such business people have to come from faraway places to this city in order to augment their business.

 Coffee cultivation is another major way of generating revenues, and as such coffee industry is flourishing at a fast pace. Today, this city is one of the largest exporters of coffee in the world. For business purposes, people have to visit this destination frequently. When considering a visit to this destination, it is recommended to travel through business class flights. Travelling in a higher cabin with better services and facilities, travellers can reach this destination without getting tired. Since Sao Paulo is a long haul destination, business class amenities and facilities ensures that passengers travel comfortably and after reaching their destination, they are ready attending their pressing business. They will not be bogged down by jet lag as much as it may happen when travelling in economy class cabins. In comparison to lower cabins, business class cabin are well equipped with a lot of features like reclined seats, enough leg space to stretch comfortably, availability of pillows and blankets and wide seats. There is more space within the aisle and here passengers can walk to ease their limbs. All these facilities go a long way to make the journey pleasurable on this long haul sector.

Sao Paulo at night

Sao Paulo at night

Sao Paulo has a lot to offer to the visitors coming to this destination. Though, the city has a rich past associated with its existence, today it has transformed into a highly commercial and industrial destination. Still some of the monuments and buildings located in this city are worth a visit. One can witness palatial buildings in the Jardins area of the city that is considered to be one of the affluent sectors of this destination. Guaraja Beach is the most visited attraction in the city. Here, tourists love spending time strolling across the beach and viewing some extraordinary panoramic views. Coming through business class cheap flights, the passengers will feel active and ready to enjoy the attractions offered by this destination.

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