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Sara – Big World, Small Me

Today we have Sara from the wonderfully titled Big World, Small Me answer our five travel questions! She’s visited 40 countries and counting, so Sara has some great answers and experiences!

 Big World Small Me Photo
Why do you love travel?
I love experiences new places, cultures and food. I love hopping on a place and hours later being somewhere completely different to where I’m from. It’s so great to see the world and broaden your mind. I also need an escape from the bores of every day life and being a teacher allows me to jet off very frequently so I am lucky that I get to travel so often.
What destination is top of your bucket list?
South and Central America is at the top because it is one part of the world I am yet to set foot on. I am dying to get to South America but I understand that it takes time to see this incredible place so I am working towards spending around 6 months there and seeing it properly. Also top of my bucket list after going to an Exodus seminar about it even though I could probably never afford it is Svalbard to see the polar bears, hopefully one day I can go to this remote location of the world and catch a glimpse of this rare and beautiful creature.
Where is your most favourite place you have travelled to? 
I really enjoyed going on safari in Africa because it is like no where else on earth. Where else can you see a lion, rhino, giraffe, elephant and leopard all in one day in their natural habitat. It is so calm and peaceful out on safari and it was a joy to see those animals. It was an incredibly special location and one that I hope to return to again. 
What is your most favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?
My favourite memory was actually a collection of memories throughout my very first summer in Europe. Having never been to Europe before my school friends and I backpacked around Europe for 6 weeks. I loved seeing all the old buildings that I now take for granted, experiencing new people, cultures, languages and learning more about history from a guide on a bike tour in Berlin than I ever learnt at school. They are memories you can never repeat.
What is your favourite photo from your travels?
This photo was taken at Angthong National Park near Koh Samui in Thailand. I had to climb up a huge cliff in my bikini and flip flops to get this shot but it was so worth it! A truly breathtaking view.
Angthong National Park

Angthong National Park

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