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SEA Aquarium Singapore: Meet Thousands of Water Species

One of the most visited and popular tourist attractions, the S.E.A aquarium is one of the world’s biggest aquariums with ocean-themed parks. You can enjoy over 10,000 marine animals such as dolphins and sharks among many others. You can witness the beautiful ocean habitats with over 10 zones and 50 habitats.

Additionally, there are many special experiences you can enjoy here such as getting a PADI certification, diving with the sharks, open water diving, encountering sharks, and open ocean diving among many others. This is considered one of the best places to get your diving certificate as the instructors here are highly trained. 

If you are here with your kids, there are many learning programs where kids can participate in engaging and interactive programs and learn many new things. 

SEA Aquarium Singapore: Meet Thousands of Water Species

Celebrate Halloween underwater with “Deep BOO sea” where you will find faces of creatures lurking in the sea. You can also have your wedding shoot done here and the sea creatures will make for an amazing background.

Meet over 10,000 animals

The best part about a SEA aquarium singapore ticket is that you get to see over 10,000 marine animals. The Alligator Gar, which has a menacing visage and measures 3 kilometers in length, is known to wait for its prey before catching them. 

The black sea cucumber, which has a very soft body that is often covered with sand and defends itself by secreting a deadly red liquid, is another unusual aquatic animal you can see. Blue blubber jelly, which are better swimmers than sea jelly species and feeds on small fish and plankton, can also be found. 

Hammerhead sharks, dolphins, green brittle stars, octopuses, and other fishes are among the others.

Price: SGD 41 for adults and SGD 30 for children

Learn and enjoy shows

The S.E.A Aquarium is known to host many 3D shows with iconic marine animals and if you are with a kid you cannot miss the Fun academy where children are taught cool things through interactive and engaging activities. 

Additionally, the S.E.A aquarium is known to have daily shows such as dive feeding, meet the Mantas, sensational sharks, and many more which involve beautiful sea creatures and skilled divers. 

Go diving

The S.E.A aquarium has many diving programs, you can participate in such as the PADI open water diver where you can get a scuba diving certification with qualified instructors. 

The highly recommended dive here is the open ocean dive where you can go up to 12 meters in the waters and encounter giant animals. Another highly recommended dive includes the shark dive where you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive with over 100 sharks. 

Price: SGD 678 for PADI open water dive

SGD 288 for adults and SGD 286 for children – open ocean dive

SGD 288 for adults and SGD 286 for children – Shark dive

Get your wedding photography done here

One of the most unique things you can do here is to get a pre-wedding shoot done here along with these beautiful sea creatures. The package includes three one-day tickets to the aquarium and you can get a two-hour photography session with a personal guide.  

However, there are various rules you need to follow such as getting your photographer and the aquarium is very strict when it comes to lighting. 

Guests cannot shine lights directly to any habitat, high-intensity lights are prohibited, guests cannot mount camera equipment on the acrylics and flashy lights, and quick-changing light patterns are also prohibited.

Price: 350 SGD

Enjoy dining and shopping

The S.E.A aquarium also has an amazing restaurant called the Ocean restaurant where you can eat overlooking the gigantic sharks just a few feet away from you. You can enjoy Asian cruises featuring fresh seafood. 

You can also try out the S.E.A.side snacks if you are just looking for a quick bite such as a hot dog or pastries. You can also shop for souvenirs from places such as the SEA treasures and SEAA wonders where you can shop for toys, and tees and choose from many merchandise available.