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See the World from the Luxury of a Private Jet

Ever wonder what it would be like to see every inch of the world? How might it be to visit beautiful Tulum in Mexico, visit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the Berlin Wall of Germany, or learn French in Quebec, Canada?  

The only trouble with traveling the world is it can be exhausting without rest, and oftentimes the need to sacrifice luxury in commercial airplanes.

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Now consider visiting the world exclusively on a chartered private jet. See every wonder of the world, and explore the beautiful wildlife of the earth, all while traveling in luxury on your own private jet. 

All of this is possible with International Jet, a private jet company. Offering the opportunity to see the world, without any sacrifice of luxury.

Private Jet vs. Commercial Airlines

Although there are plenty of ways to travel the world by flying commercially in business or first class, flying in a private jet is much better for many reasons:

  • Visit incredibly unique destinations around the globe: Flying private provides you with over 8000 airports around the world. Instead of relying on a commercial airline to tell you where you can fly, instead decide yourself. This will provide unparalleled and meaningful experiences.
  • Travel at your own pace: Never worry about what time, or when a flight departs. Decide what time and date you want to fly. 
  • Exceptional quality and service: Anything you need onboard will be quickly completed by your attentive staff. Forget about waiting your turn for service, you are the primary concern on board you own chartered private jet. 
  • Privacy: Do whatever you wish in the privacy of your own aircraft. Need to take a nap to arrive rested at your destination? Or maybe you and your fellow travelers would like to have a private conversation? You can do whatever you want onboard.
  • Legroom: Instead of concerning yourself with the amount of legroom available on an individual flight, book a private jet. You will never be restricted to your seat, and you will be able to move about the entire cabin!
  • Bring whatever you want on board: No more worrying about TSA requirements. On a private jet, you can bring any substance if it adheres to the law. 
  • Cut down on travel time: Faster travel in a private jet means less time wasted at your destination. If you were to travel for 34 days using commercial flights, you would have been able to travel the same amount in 10 days less by using a private jet!
  • No waiting time: Do not worry about arriving hours early to the airport, instead arrive 20-30 minutes before your departure time. 
  • Safety and hygiene: Sickness a huge concern in the current state of the world regarding travel. Avoid sick individuals or other travelers with poor hygiene when traveling by private jet. You can ensure the safety of you and whoever is traveling with you.
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Beautiful destinations

For those who love to ski there are a huge amount of beautiful luxury destinations easily accessible by a private jet. Enjoy the mountains of Aspen or Montrose, Colorado. Explore the beautiful Lake Banff in Canada. Perhaps you are more interested in scenery such as Grand Junction, Yellowstone, or Steamboat Springs.

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You also can explore exciting destinations in your own country’s backyard such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, or Dallas. Maybe you want to fly for the weekend to Las Vegas or enjoy the beautiful Napa Valley. Fly to explore New York and its Broadway shows or Nashville for a music performance. NOLA awaits you to enjoy Mardi Gras!

Seeing the world through a private jet is easy. If you would like to spend a week on the beach in San Lucas del Cabo, Mexico, or fly to Europe you can do so quickly and be in Germany the same day. Head to Brazil on a private jet and explore the Amazon. Avoid the crowds and fly into Carnival in style. 

Empty leg flights

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An empty leg, or empty sector, is an unsold portion of a booked one-way private charter flight. These are located on a specific aircraft and can play well to your advantage.

Typically, an aircraft will need to fly back to get into position for the next customer. Another alternative is that it also needs to be returned to its home base after a booked flight. This flight is considered an “empty leg” flight and often returns empty. This wastes both fuel and resources, therefore we often offer these legs at a lower price. 
If you are looking for a great deal and see the world in a luxurious manner, then this is your ticket! For more information or to book your next trip, contact International Jet, a private jet company.