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Serviced Apartments Near Hyde Park – A Nice Place to Stay

While visiting London on a family vacation, people prefer Hyde Park area for accommodation, for obvious reasons. It is an important address and a good location in London.

serviced apartments near hyde park

serviced apartments near hyde park

Though there are many hotels in London serviced apartments near Hyde Park are recommended as an ideal place to stay to experience its profound natural beauty in the midst of a hyper active London city.

Hyde Park is globally famous for being the largest Royal Park in Central London with more than 5000 and an attractive meadow.

Variety of Short Stay Options

You can plan your stay in an apartment near Hyde Park by booking the serviced apartment well in advance. In the Hyde Park area you can see beautiful serviced apartments in many sizes; they include 1/ 2/3 bedroom apartments and studio apartments. These reasonably priced properties give a homely feel to the guests and add to their joy while visiting  London. It gives them home like relaxation, freedom and options to save money with its well equipped kitchen and absolute privacy.

Close to Nature 

When you rent an apartment for vacation in Hyde Park it will offer access to this royal garden of historical value. It was the hunting ground of King Henry VIII who captured it in the year 1536 and since then it has been a Royal park. In the 17 it was made public. The famous Serpentine Lake in it is an artificial one built by Queen Caroline. That lake separates the park from the Kensington Gardens.

Cook your meals 

In a serviced apartment, what is very exciting is the option to cook your own food while on the vacation and enjoying that food with family. This will save you from hefty restaurant bills while eating outside. The money thus saved can be used for shopping and other leisure activities.

Best Connectivity

When you choose a Serviced Apartment in Hyde Park for your stay, the entire vacation becomes magical. One reason is it gives easy travel access to other parts of the capital. There are so many tube stations in close proximity to Hyde Park such as Marble Arch, Queensway, Lancaster Gate and Knightsbridge Corner.

Suburbs of Hyde Park

For any reason, if you miss a serviced apartment near Hyde Park. You need not worry as there are many surrounding areas of Bayswater, Paddington and Kensington, which can give a similar feel. Serviced apartment in Bayswater is in high demand for qualities such as quiet neighborhood, shopping avenues and proximity to the Hyde Park. It is also as a  onvenient place to enjoy the popular tourist attractions including museums, shopping streets and entertainment options in London.

Booking through agents 

Even if online booking is fine, booking a serviced apartment through an agent as part of your London trip will be fine. The human touch will ensure you a support if in case of any hassle. Agents are your advocates and they can ensure a smooth and happy stay. This is because they will stand for you; act as trouble shooters whenever something goes wrong on your arrival.

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