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Short Guide on Getting Ready For a Trip as a Plus-Size Nomad

Traveling is a surefire way to relieve anxiety, expose you to new experiences, boost creativity, and achieve wellness. Plus-size nomads often experience a few challenges while traveling that can be avoided with good planning. This article highlights the top tips for larger people to get ready for a trip.

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Prioritize Comfort 

Traveling as a plus-size nomad is undoubtedly hectic. Air travel, particularly, involves a lot of planning. Most airlines don’t have seats spacious enough to accommodate bigger bodies. You’ve to fly first class or book two seats for comfort, which is only okay if you’re not on a budget. Some airlines, such as British Airlines, have standard economy seats bigger than most competitors, but that is just it; they are still insufficient for an average plus-size lady. 

Consequently, you can have a seatbelt extender to stay safe and comfortable. Most importantly, dress comfortably for your journey and avoid tight clothes. This helps to maintain your blood flow and prevent swelling. Compression socks are a must-have for a plus–size nomad because they ensure proper blood circulation in the legs. Travel accessories, including travel pillows, ear plugs, and seat pads, also come in handy. Buying these in advance is advisable as those on the flight may not be a perfect fit for you, so don’t take that risk. 

Travel with a Partner

Traveling as a plus-size single could cause anxiety because of the mere uncertainty of how people will receive you. Unlike your home town, where you know places that are comfortable for you, new settings may require you to adjust and manage your expectations. All things considered, dating sites for larger people are a great starting point to find romance or friends near you wherever you go. They are simple to use, accessible worldwide and straightforward. Reading some reviews before signing up to any page is actually a wise step.

Second, having a travel partner you’re comfortable with makes your trip all the more enjoyable. If you expect some lonely days, then you will appreciate having someone to make this trip memorable. You also feel safer as people will probably shy from approaching you intrusively. Additionally, taking your buddy with you means you have someone to stand up for you in case you encounter malicious people or simply enjoy a romantic date together far from the familiar places and venues. 

Taking a travel partner on this trip will also ensure you engage in more activities since you are in this together. You will also not face potential challenges alone; you can brainstorm ideas together to find viable solutions.

Pack Comfortable and Suitable Clothes 

Plus-size clothes may not be easily accessible in every travel destination. It is, therefore, important to plan well before the trip and pack as conveniently as possible. The most crucial items in your luggage bag are your underwear. We are all familiar with the discomfort of tight bras or lingerie. Breathable cotton undergarments are recommended for travel. 

Chaffing is also quite common. You can prepare for this by carrying anti-chafing cream to prevent thigh rub. Comfortable shoes are crucial. Hiking shoes are the best choice as they offer comfort and support regardless of the weather in your destination. Consider quality when shopping for your shoes and opt for brands such as Teva that offer style and functionality. You also need to really consider your travel plan while packing. Look at the activities you plan to engage in and pack clothes for each activity. Plus-size clothes may be bulky, so don’t be afraid to pack more than one suitcase. 

Know Your Limits When Planning Hikes 

It can be tempting to engage in all available activities and maximize your travel. While this is good, you must also consider your limits. If you have any health issues, consult your doctor about activities you shouldn’t engage in before the trip. It would also help to research weight restrictions while booking activities. Keep an open mind and be free to explore alternatives where you can still have fun. 

Don’t be ashamed to move at your pace rather than struggling to keep up with experienced hikers. However, it is advisable to join hiking groups for motivation as compared to hiking alone. Don’t forget to wear appropriate, comfortable, high-quality shoes to avoid foot sores after the hike. You can find durable activewear online. Brands such as Torrid and Patagonia offer plus-size active wear. Don’t forget to carry enough food and water for your hike, as you will need the energy boost. 

Practice Self-Care and Body Positivity

Traveling can be draining, both mentally and physically. It’s crucial to be intentional about your self-care. You need to have enough sleep and maintain a healthy diet. You can explore your destination’s food culture by trying new fruits and healthy local meals. Stretch every morning to get your blood flowing and in a good mood. You can also go on short walks as a form of exercise. You should ensure you stay hydrated. Learning when to slow down and have lazy days is also a form of self-care. Also, keep a gratitude journal, as it keeps you grounded and reminds you of your small wins.

Traveling as a plus-size nomad can be a fun experience wherever you go. Carrying appropriate clothes for the trip is the first step to ensure you stay comfortable. You can arrange to have two seats on the plane to secure enough space if you’re lucky or can afford it. Again, having your friend or romantic partner as a travel buddy makes your trip more fun and easier. You have someone to brainstorm challenges with, share memorable moments and enjoy extraordinary date nights. Keep your limits in mind so you don’t strain your body too much. Stretching, taking short walks, and maintaining a healthy diet are some daily self-care habits you can practice on your trip.