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Sleeping While Traveling – Six Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep When You Are on the Road

Getting a good night’s sleep is very much essential in order to make the most out of yourself during the day and this is even more important, whenever you are traveling. Hence, you should make that extra effort and planning so that your mind and body are rejuvenated, after a good night’s sleep-which is not always easy to have during travels, with a new bed, and in a different time zone.

Don’t worry!  We are here with five wonderful tips that will make sleeping easy for you during travels.

CBD pills

Hardcore sleeping pills make me super groggy after waking up, which doesn’t exactly make you feel refreshed and ready to explore a new city! But CBD pills are different and definitely have more of a relaxing feeling. Just a gummy or two half an hour before bedtime will ensure you have a enough energy for a full day of wandering and getting lost! CBD is legal in all 50 states of the USA, but certain states have tighter restrictions on what CBD products can be consumed – you can visit to read more about the legal status of CBD wherever you are and make sure that whatever product you go for is in compliance with the law.

Do not use gadgets before sleeping

Avoid laptops, smartphones and other tech gadgets before hitting the bed. Bright screens from these gizmos suppress the flow of hormones that help us to fall asleep. They also stimulate our mind enough to delay the sleeping process and hence, it is imperative that you should not use them at least one hour prior to bedtime.

Silence and darkness

If you happen to stay overnight in a hotel, make sure you use a ‘do not disturb’ board to avoid unwanted interruptions. Although most good quality hotel rooms are equipped with sound-proofing, we recommend the use of earplugs. The temperature of your room is also as important as silence. Make sure to keep the window open or adjust the AC to a suitable temperature as fresh air or a cool room atmosphere can have a huge impact.  

Use a good quality eye mask in order to block out intense or disruptive light while sleeping.

Avoid alcohol before bedtime

It is advisable to keep alcohol at bay for a minimum of four hours prior to bedtime as it makes it harder for you to sleep. Same is applicable for tea and coffee too.

You should limit yourself to fewer servings of alcohol too. Bigger servings of alcohol will take much longer for your body to it flush out of your system.

Get into a light exercise routine

A light workout before hitting the bed ( but not too close to having a sleep)  will not only revitalize your body after a long day in traveling but also it will exhaust you enough so that you can have a sound sleep during the night.

Have enough sunlight

Having enough sunlight on your skin will reset the body clock so that you get enough sleep during the night.

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Katherine Dilworth is a wife, mother and a blogger and she writes on, this blog provides exclusive information on Why do People Snore and Snoring Solutions.

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