HotBox & Bad Brownie Review | Street Feast London

“Come with me and we’ll be in a world of pure imagination”

Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was on a continuous loop in my head as I perused the nights offerings at Street Feast Hawker House. The sheer variety in choice is enough to make your head spin. If, like me, you struggle to make choices on what to eat when there are many to choose from, you’ll walk around at least a few times before settling on one or two. It’s an even grander task when you’re not particularly in the mood for something specific.

‘Oh, there’s pizza from Born and Raised and we haven’t had pizza in a while – I wonder what Cobble Lane pepperoni is? Come on, let’s be adventurous and try something new. Have I ever had a taco before? Breaded Taco have a 10 hour slow cooked chipotle beef short rib which sounds like it would melt in your mouth. Oh look, Korean burritos at Kimchinary. We did enjoy that one time we had Korean food. Now Lebanese food from French &Grace. Now that’s a cuisine I’ve not heard a lot about. Or perhaps comfort food and something I’m a little more familiar with in the shape of steamed buns with pork belly from Bao is in order. Wait, is that guy from The Bowler using a blowtorch to melt cheese over that meatball? Awesome. But we have eaten a lot of unhealthy food recently; let’s remedy that with some colourful vegetables from Rainbo.

This went on for about 20 minutes before I settled on HotBox. Being a huge fan of Man Vs. Food, I could imagine Adam Richman talking about the large steam engine-sized oven HotBox use to cook their meat, the ingredients which make up that delicious glaze and, of course, the meat falling off the bone. And fall off the bone it did. I settled for a Bento Hotbox which included a little of everything!

Bento HotBox
Bento HotBox

Having devoured my HotBox in five minutes flat, my teeth craved something sweet. I found myself in another selection quandary at Bad Brownie. The line-up ranged from the usual suspects of Peanut Butter and Triple Chocolate to rather intriguing mixtures of Salted Caramel, Very Berry Crunch and Oaxaca Chilli & Popping Candy. Their Bacon and Maple Syrup loaf topped with tiny marshmallows was calling out to me! But the Malteser brownie won my vote in the end.

Malteser Brownie - Bad Brownie
Malteser Brownie – Bad Brownie

Housed inside with plenty of seating, it’s easy to spend an evening at Street Feast in Hawker House. There is a £3 entrance fee and from Bethnal Green underground station it’s about a 10 minute walk.

Hawker House Street Feast happens every Friday and Saturday and ends on the 22nd of March, so there’s only a few weeks left so be quick!

Have you been to Street Feast at Hawker House? What food did you try? Tell me in the comments section below!

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