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Subway’s Vegan Meatless Meatball Marinara Sub Review: They Used Real Meat!

We won’t be ordering the vegan meatless meatball marina sub from Subway again. In fact, we won’t be ordering from Subway again.

We love the meatless meatballs sub, but after our most recent order we’re questioning whether it was fake meat we were eating all along.

This recent order tasted and looked a little different from the meatballs we’ve previously had. We phoned the branch and asked why and they confirmed they had ran out of stock of the meatless version, so replaced it with real meatballs…

I’m glad we only had a bite, but that’s besides the point? How can we ever trust Subway and their fake meat and vegan options again? How someone would think this is an acceptable replacement is beyond me.

We feedback our experience via the contact form on the Subway site. No reply for a week. We decided to reach out via Twitter and got a quick response to explain further via private message. But all we received was acknowledgement and the passing of this feedback to the branch. They did provide us a refund for the sub at least.

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