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Summer In Yerevan and Tbilisi: What To Do?

Summer in the South Caucasus is an amazing season: the nature is bright and lush, the shelves are full of juicy fruits, and in the atmosphere you will feel the anticipation of the approaching vacations and adventures. The only thing that can overshadow the rest is the intense heat, which is especially characteristic for the capitals of this region namely Yerevan and Tbilisi.


So, today we will tell you how to escape heat and have fun during your vacations in Yerevan and Tbilisi:

Summer in Yerevan: Things to do

Yerevan is located in the Ararat valley. The climate of the valley is quite mild: in winter it is relatively warm, in summer it is quite hot. Sometimes, even in the evening there is hardly a light wind to feel fresh air on your face. The residents try to escape from the heat in many ways. Some go to the country while those who stay in the capital have some interesting places to escape the heat.


One of the interesting local traditions that help the locals to enjoy the dry and hot summer days is Vardavar holiday. Armenia celebrates Vardavar in the beginning of July. It is the most cheerful and beloved holiday. On this day people go out into the streets and start pouring water on each other. It is a real madness in the best way we can ever imagine. Well, except for the fun you will have, it is a good idea to freshen up simply by walking along the street.
For water sports and family recreation there is a great place to visit in Yerevan. “Water World” is the only water park in the city with swimming pools, all kinds of water attractions, a Jacuzzi, a cafe and a restaurant. Here you can spend a whole day sunbathing, swimming in the pool and jumping on the bungee.
If you want to spend a relaxing day at the pool with a cocktail listening to good music, choose one of the outdoor swimming pools in Yerevan. Most of them are located far from the city noise.
How to spend a summer evening in Yerevan? For kids, there is an amazing park in Yerevan. Every season the Yeraz Park becomes a unique place from a fairy tale. There is a lake, small houses, a children’s playground, a café and attractions. In a word there is everything to entertain the children.

Yerevan at night

Among adult entertainment it is worth mentioning clubs and pubs of Yerevan. Nightlife in Yerevan is quite diverse and active, especially in the summer. You can easily find any club or pub to your taste as almost all of them are concentrated in the city center. Walk through the streets and hear the muffled basses of the night city.
And in the end, take a walk around the night Yerevan. Summer nights are so pleasant in Yerevan. You can walk about the streets till the dawn enjoying the lights and aroma of night freshness.

Summer in Tbilisi: Things to do

Let’s pass to another no less colorful capital of the South Caucasus. Of course your Georgian trip should start from the capital. In Tbilisi, in the summer it is also hot as in Yerevan, and you need to escape the heat by all possible means.
One of the most popular places in Tbilisi in the summer is Turtle Lake. Its interesting name is associated both with its shape and the fact that once it was inhabited by turtles. Turtle Lake or Kus Tba is located three kilometers away from Tbilisi to the north of Mtatsminda Mountain. The picturesque lake is surrounded by forests and clear water is ideal for summer holidays. There are umbrellas, deckchairs, playgrounds for children, rent of catamarans and cafes for a comfortable rest on the beach.
On a hot summer day, you can go to the Tbilisi Botanical Garden. It is a real oasis in the stone jungle. In the vast territory of the garden there are waterfalls, a river, a lake, beautiful bridges, a bamboo grove, a rock with ready trails for rock climbing.

Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Children will love to spend time in a waterpark. It is worth to visit the Gino Paradise Tbilisi water park. This is a huge water park with all kinds of water attractions, a real ship, a spa center and swimming pools. By the way, in the water park there is a pool with salt water and real sea waves, so you will not miss the sea.
Summer nights in Tbilisi are no less interesting. A warm summer evening will take you to Shardeni Street, the noisiest one in the city. At every step there are clubs, wine bars and pubs. You may choose any of them and it will be the best choice anyway. Well, after a noisy night you may enjoy the silence and the sunrise.