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Sunday Brunch in Koh Samui at Sunday Sessions – Beach Republic

What makes a Sunday brunch getaway fun and memorable? There are several possible answers to that question. It could be that gustatorial selection of local and international cuisine washed down by free flowing drinks that thrill the palate.

For some, it could be the engaging conversations over food and drinks with close friends and new acquaintances. For others, it could be enjoying a soothing mix of chillout tunes amidst a cool scenery with a vibrant tropical beach vibe that makes one forget the following day. Most people, of course, prefer the mix of all of these experiences.

When blended together, these ingredients make for the perfect Sunday brunch. For those who are planning to take a much-awaited food adventure in Koh Samui, this is what an ocean beach brunch in the island looks like, and what you could potentially indulge in should you decide to take the next step.

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Experiencing Bangkok In Style

When heading to Koh Samui for a weekend or a multi-day stay, do not be overwhelmed with the decision to choose which brunch session to head to. There are certainly several choices on the island, but nothing compares to the brunch experience at the Sunday Sessions at the Beach Republic, which starts at 11:30 and ends till sundown. Talk about an extended brunch hour.


How to Choose?

One thing’s for sure, while the brunch places abound in Koh Samui, the menu list at the Beach Republic are different from the others in terms of variety and price point. Here, the chef always prepares a palate pleasing spread every weekend which caters to different types of tastes and preferences. Local Thai cuisine is central to the brunch with a mix of other Asian influences. Meat lovers will definitely rejoice at the requisite BBQ and grill options. They also have an impressive salad bar for vegetarians.

As they say, the local island scene offers too many choices, with so little time to sample all. But with limited time on the island, narrowing down your choice to the Beach Republic for Sunday brunch by the beach in Koh Samui cuts down the decision time. If you are thinking of food, drinks, music, and good company, this is the only place to go.

The brunch venue is situated right near the beach and offers unobstructed views of the Gulf of Thailand, which is unparalleled in terms of coastal scenery.


Food, Glorious Food

During Sunday brunch Koh Samui is transformed from idyllic and laid back to vibrant, with friends, couples, and families heading to their favorite spot at the Beach Republic.

Going back to the food at Sunday brunch at the Beach Republic, the menu won’t be complete with the requisite mouth-watering selections of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The smorgasbord of choices straddles that wonderful border between breakfast and lunch.


At the Sunday Sessions at Beach Republic, the place was already stirring with activity. The special menu includes only the best that the sea and land could offer. For seafood fans, choose from Fines de Claire oysters, Scottish salmon, Maine lobster, sea bass, sushi, and a selection of local catch.

Options for meat lovers include Iberico ham, prime roast beef, roast lamb or turkey, and a selection of cold meats. The BBQ station, which usually draws in the crowd, completes the ocean beach brunch vibe. If you are not too full for dessert, try their creme brulee and sundae to cool down the heat. Or you can try the other selections to satisfy your sweet tooth.


For the cocktail connoisseur, the selections range from simple to complicated concoctions. There is also something for the purist who likes their beer cold and uncomplicated. Family-friendly options are also available such as natural fruit juices and smoothies.

Chilling Out Till Sundown


The perfect combination of tunes completes the recipe for a memorable ocean beach brunch. There is nothing more engaging than enjoying good food while listening or watching the brunch crowd get hyped up by the music and the energy.

While many of the brunch establishments offer some form of entertainment to attract customers, the Beach Republic scene features live music and DJs spinning the most current chillout tracks. Unlike other places, the party only ends at sunset while cooling down at the beach or poolside, just in time for dinner.

Beach Vibe, Fun Company

How to do you measure fun? At Beach Republic, the crowds are engaged and there is room for making new friends. Here, the brunch-goers are more diverse and inclusive. There are locals and tourists, couples on a honeymoon, vacationing families, as well as groups of friends on a weekend getaway.


For the newbie looking for the great Sunday brunch by the beach experience, a good place to start on Koh Samui would be the Beach Republic. But whether you are a beginner or an expert in Sunday brunch. Koh Samui delivers the best option for those with a discriminating palate.

Overall, customer reviews highly recommend the Sunday Sessions at Beach Republic not just for the food but also for the laid back ambiance. It was not dubbed as the ultimate Sunday brunch for nothing.


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