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On The Record is a series where I talk about my favourite records and lyrics and those which I have an emotional tie to – an open letter if you will.

Sunset Blush - Kississippi | On The Record 2

No artist comes close to the number of hours spent listening to their music in the past year – Kississippi.

I discovered the EP We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed while I was coping with a bad break up from a bad relationship. I was really struggling to come to terms it was over and whether it was the right decision.

I won’t go into details, but after some time the sad, mopey feeling turned to anger for how she treated me and how she was acting after the break up.

Kississippi came up on Spotify radio.

WHNF, WAD’s slow burning, darker songs suited my moody state.

But it was the single Cut Yr Teeth from Kississippi’s debut album that I really connected with.

It put everything I was feeling into words, words I couldn’t think of to describe how I felt – finally I could.

Then Sunset Blush was released. And I found more songs to help put my feelings into words. To process what happened, it wasn’t all my fault.

Sunset Blush describes perfectly every stage of a bad relationship, from being in one to getting over them.

Here are the songs and lyrics which helped me get over her.

Cut Yr Teeth

Hope, lies, false pretenses, leading on and general shitty behaviour.

Cheekbones that shine like diamonds…

You were my light for so long…

Our future plays tricks on use, huh?…

Stories that wreak of fiction…

The person you made yourself out to be would feel sorry for what you’ve done to me…

You started out slow but you cut your teeth

Once Good

When I listen to Once Good now, I remember feeling that I wouldn’t meet someone else like her. That’s of course not the case.

Yours is forgotten,

made room for new faces,

unsure if I would be seeing yours again

One good to me,

Now good to yourself

Rinse Repeat

Wishing you were the person you were before you met and how they change you.

I’ve been longing to wish myself back into the form I held,

You removed from me

And how they are never to blame and they burn bridges so nothing can be salvaged from the wreck.

No self-reproach,

You’ve earned your crown for things that cannot be undone

Who Said It First

It wasn’t the first time she broke up with me, nor the second, but the third time.

It shouldn’t have gotten that far. But hey, that’s hindsight for you. When you think there’s something worse saving and fighting for.

I could have left sooner. You?

You could have too

But as time passes, you get over it. Time for a new start.

If you’re feeling perforated too,

I don’t feel like the way you do,

I woke up feeling like someone new,

For the worst but only to you

Kississippi is finally coming to London to play live so I’m super excited. Hopefully I can thank Zoe in person for her music and helping me through an awful time in my life.

Otherwise I hope she reads this.

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