SuperStar BBQ Review | Korean BBQ Ssam

A unique dining experience that’s hands on at SuperStar BBQ.

So when they said BBQ, they really meant it huh…

Tongs in my hand, I was feeling pretty smug cooking my rib eye fillets to perfection (if I don’t say so myself) on a hot plate built into the table in front of me. Maybe this is my calling in life?! A professional BBQ-er. Is that a profession?

Anyway, this is great because you can cook your meat the way you like it. My rib eye was juicy and tender. Must have been my excellent BBQing skillz.

The fun didn’t stop there. The most popular way to eat Korean BBQ is ssam, which means wrap in Korean. Korean BBQ is kind of like making fajitas (I used to love buying Ol Del Paso fajitas kits when I was younger).

You place the large fresh lettuce leaf in your palm, then place the meat (don’t forget the BBQ sauce), spring onions and wrap it into a ball and fit it into your mouth in one. I struggled. My mouth isn’t as big as I think it is!


Yup. KFC is indeed an option on the SuperStar BBQ menu – Korean Fried Chicken.

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Less greasy than the high street guilty pleasure variety but all of the crispy goodness. Oh, and if you do opt for KFC (and you should) then you must have the kimchi mayo sauce. New favourite condiment alert.

I don’t know why I was surprised my dessert was so cold, it was called the Ice Cream Super Snowball after all. Digging in you’ll find sweet red beans, mixed dried fruits and nuts, drizzled with condensed milk – and shaved ice! And a chocolate, nutty pocky stick (a large part of my diet as a kid).

And I love it when restarants don’t forget about the non alcoholics. I had the San Francisco Virgin cocktail. A tasty concoction of fresh raspberry puree, peach, cranberry juice, and grenadine.

And a special mention to the super friendly and helpful staff who guided me and explained throughout (BBQ Korean noob)! You could say they were superstars… Damn. Almost wrote the whole review without making that joke.

All of the SuperStar BBQ menu looks delicious with great variety. Their set menus of varying prices look great value too. SuperStar BBQ is rather chic, with comfortable booths and huge windows to people watch. It’s conveniently located near Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street too.

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