Favourite New Products From #AtTheTabl

I’m a Tabl Community Founder (check out my sweet new badge on the sidebar!) and was lucky enough to attend their #atthetabl event (did you see their amazing invite?).

There were tons of food bloggers (new and old) plus tons of companies showcasing their products, some of which have launched as recently as this year!

So here are my favourites and why you need to know about them.

Nix & Kix

Their drinks contain Cayenne pepper… As you can imagine, it gives it a kick. Not an unpleasant one, it makes every sip interesting!

Nix & Kix come without artificial preservatives, no refined sugars and no fizz. Current flavours are Rich Mango & Zingy Ginger, Cool Cucumber & Fresh Mint and Succulent Peach & Smooth Vanilla. The combination of flavours and ingredients give Nix & Kix a fresh taste.

It’s more like a mocktail in a bottle. Perfect for non alcoholics like me!

Cocoa Hernando

I love travel. I love chocolate.

Introducing Cocoa Hernando, a range of travel inspired chocolate buttons. The current range includes raspberries (England), Mandarin (China), Masala Chai (India) and Pink Diamond Salt (Himalaya). Definitely unique (I’ve never heard of pink diamond salt), the masala chai is packed full of spice, giving it a warm taste.


“Less calories than an apple”.

Oppo ice cream review

You had me at ‘less calories’. Oppo ice cream is made from fresh milk, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, stevia leaf and a super fruit. The current range includes Salted Caramel with Lucuma, Madagascan Vanilla with Baobab and Mint Choc Swirl with Spirulina.

If you’re going to have ice cream, make sure it’s guilt free with Oppo. Here’s how it compares to other ice creams.

Oppo Ice Cream less calories

Spice Drops

Spice Drops provide the convenience of powdered spices in liquid form.

Spice Drops variety review

The current range includes everything from lemongrass and cinnamon to paprika and vanilla. They can be used in curries, baking and easily applied to chocolates which I tried! This also eradicates the problem of trying to dissolve powered cinnamon in tea, an aid for weightless.

Spice Drops review

They also have a 3 year shelf life too, much better than powders!

Chins Kitchen

Chins Kitchen make bespoke Indian inspired cakes, free from artificial additives and preservatives. They also come beautifully packaged, perfect as (tasty) gifts!

Chins Kitchen review cake

The blend of spices produces a terrific aroma and fragrance of flowers. I had the pleasure of trying the chai spice nankhatai (shortbread biscuits) and Cardamom, Rose and Pistachio(Gulab Jamun) cake. The latter was super light, fluffy and still (dare I say it) moist.

Little Black Cat Gourmet

Chocolate, truffle and macaroon fusions never tasted so good. Find a range of exotic flavours and spices inspired by the East.

Little Black Cat Gourmet truffles review

This was chocolate would you believe…

Little Black Cat Gourmet chocolate review

And just look at these macaroons…

Little Black Cat Gourmet coconut macaroons ? #atthetabl #coconutmacaroons

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The Fabulous Adventures of 698B

Awesome name, awesome canopies.

The Fabulous Adventures of 698B review

The Fabulous Adventures of 698B are a pop up restaurant, hoping to open a permanent restaurant. For now, you can find them hosting Tabl events in their flat. Expect seasonal British products, unique flavour combinations and super Instagramable food!

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