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Ten Trips That Can Change Your Life

Imagine a small but special expedition to the habitats of emperor penguins, or camping on top of an iceberg. What we can say for sure is that this is not an average vacation but an experience that happens only once in a lifetime and a source of emotions we have never felt before. I offer you a small list of ten trips that will surely make a difference. How? By changing your life. Does this sound good? Here is a list of ten trips that will help you make that.

Healing a nation, or at least trying to do so

If you want to do something for charity, go to Port-au-Prince in Haiti and join one of the many construction teams. I can guarantee you will not only fill useful, but you will visit some of the greatest landmarks worldwide, landmarks that the earthquake in Haiti could not take from this nation – the waterfalls, the silky white-sand beaches and many other national treasures.

Unravelling the mysteries of the Mayan people

Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras – four countries with incredible history and fantastic culture. Go and see ancient Mayan cities, try to mix with the local people and explore their lively markets. Visit Atitlan Lake in Guatemala and run a giant kite. And the most important – wherever you go, relax and have fun!

The lost cities – not so lost after all?

English: Cartagena, in Colombia Español: Ciuda...

English: Cartagena, in Colombia Español: Ciudad de Cartagena en la costa caribe colombiana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Travel to the old city of Cartagena and spend some time on the Spanish colonial architectural style. It would be best if you hire a private villa nearby (the ones designed by Herman Zayar are the best!). And still, have in mind that this is only a prelude to your real trip. I recommend you to go and see the Lost City in Sierra Nevada – climbing that mountain is definitely worth it.

Going to the very heart of the Amazon

I recommend you Ecuador if you really decide making this trip. You can stay in the eco village next to the river. Explore the secrets and language of Huaorani – one of the most isolated ethnic groups worldwide. You will find out that their language is unique and it is actually unrelated with any other language spoken or known.

Luxury at the end of the world

This sounds a bit impossible, doesn’t it? However, the name of the place is Patagonia and going a bit further means that you will find yourself literally in the middle of nowhere. Only in this case “nowhere” actually has a name – the Valdes Peninsula. You can hire a private villa right on top of the hill and enjoy your days here.

The Loire River Valley

Forget all about traditional trips. Grab your bike and go on a short trip on the Loire River Valley. See the luscious gardens, the sunflowers everywhere, the food – generally everything that is offered by this amazing place.


Do you want to see where the Slow Food movement originally started? Go to Piedmont and try some of the local wines and cheese the region is famous for. And why don’t you go hunting white truffles? This experience is totally worth it.

The Russian Empire

Why don’t you try to see Russia through the eyes of the Romanovs? Visit some of the buildings that are usually closed to mass tourists. For example, try to enter the reception hall of the kings if Kremlin and do not forget the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. I would recommend you try some caviare in a seven-day cruise on the Volga River.

The American South-east – the land of canyons

If you want to see a desert but the American desert looks somehow crowded, go in the American South-east. Buy the proper equipment and a sturdy rope and go for it! Visit the canyons of Utah, and then – Amangiri.

An adventure on the Kenai Peninsula

If you need more adrenaline, this is your journey! See some wild whales in their natural environment, kayaking in extreme conditions, climbing the largest glacier in North America – thing that deserve your attention for sure.

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus is passionate traveller and blogger. He is owner of a company for cleaners in N8 Hornsey, London. Thanks to his business he is able to travel a lot and to share his experience with his readers.

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