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Best 5 Spots Beginners Can Learn To Dive In Asia

There are a number of dive spots in Asia that have just the right conditions for anyone who wants to learn to dive. In fact, it has so many that beginners may have a hard time deciding where they should visit in order to dive.

Although every dive spot in Asia that is great for novice divers cannot be covered here, however, below is a lowdown on a couple of the most popular spots where diving will not prove to be a challenge.

So if you want to take the plunge in a place in Asia where diving will be easy and fun, then you should consider the following diving spots for beginners.

1. Ko Tao (Thailand)

Ko-Tao Island
Ko-Tao Island (Photo credit: mikilgenio80)

Ko Tao is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand and is among world’s most popular places to get a dive certificate. The pretty reefs in the area are particularly ideal for beginners. From Ko Tao, beginners can also take a ferry to the Angthong Marine Park, which is also an ideal spot for them to dive without too much hassle. The island has about 40 dive shops that beginners can choose from, a majority of which are geared towards anyone who is new to diving.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang (Photo credit: mattvn)

2. Nha Trang (Vietnam)

When it comes to diving, Vietnam is not really in the radar of advanced divers who have plenty of diving experience. However, if you going to be breathing underwater for the very first time, then the merits of Nha Trang should not be overlooked. Currently, Nha Trang is the most popular dive spot in the country and is great for students. There are a variety of good dive centers in the popular seaside. At the dive sites there, beginners can enjoy nice diving in the relaxed atmosphere and see plenty of interesting things.

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3. Sipadan Island (Malaysia)

Sipadan Island is located in Borneo, Malaysia and is recognized as the world’s best diving spot. For those who have no diving experience and skills, but want to conveniently enjoy diving in Asia, they should be headed out to Sipadan Island. Sipadan Island has been a ‘natural sanctuary’ for quite a long time, which means that it is free from inhabitants so beginners can enjoy peaceful diving there. Moreover, beginners will experience first-hand encounters with various species of sea creatures in their untouched natural habitat.

boracay beach
boracay beach (Photo credit: Dave Borghuis)

4. Boracay (Phillipines)

The tiny island of Boracay is located in central Philippines. The white, powder sand beaches on the islands are considered to be some of the best in the world and this is the reason it is so famous. For anyone who wants to learn diving in Philippines, Boracay Islands is where they should be headed toward. All the aspects that are required by novice divers to enjoy their first dives and have a great time are available when diving in the water surrounding the island. There is a small barrier reef on the west of the island that has a number of ideal dive sites for beginners, and beginners may also dive at Angol Point, Coral Gardens and Santosan too.

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5. Gili Islands (Indonesia)

If you are a beginner diver and you happen to be in Indonesia, then you can find the most popular diving hotspot just to the east of Bali, in Lombok. The Gili Islands comprise of 3 idyllic, tiny islands just off the coast that are perfect for any beginner. Usually, the visibility is excellent, there are plenty of sites for easy diving, which are conveniently accessible, and there many dive centers with great facilities to choose from. Most of the diving that a beginner can do in the water surround the island will be in the form of drift dives.

Just because you do not have enough diving experience and/or diving skills does not mean that you cannot enjoy the experience of diving in Asia. Asia is home to numerous dive sites that are perfect for beginners like you, whether you want to learn to dive or just enjoy some less challenging diving.

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