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The Best Hiking Trails to Explore in California

Hiking is not just for the adventurous and the brave, anyone can try hiking as a hobby or as a form of outdoor exercise. If you are based in California or you plan to visit the Golden State, here are some of the best hiking trails to explore. 

Potato Chip Rock 

Potato Chip Rock 

Potato Chip Rock trail spans 11.7 kilometres and is a highly popular trail situated close to Poway California. Expect picturesque views of the pacific ocean and narrow, scenic hiking pathways. 

Potato Chip Rock is situated in Northern San Diego County, it’s entrance point is Mount Woodson trail, close to Lake Poway Road. 

This trail is best suited to more experienced hikers however, intermediate hikers would also find the experience challenging and enjoyable. The trail is highly exposed, therefore, pack lots of sunscreen and water to avoid sun damage and dehydration. 

Useful information about Potato Chip Rock: 

Parking: Free parking at Lake Poway during the week, $10 parking fee on weekends 

The trail is 11.7 kilometres, hilly terrain and 646m elevation gain(steepness). 

Annies Canyon Trail 

Annie’s Canyon is located in Solana Beach, California, north of San Diego. Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced hikers, it spans 3.5 kilometres and is suitable for walking and running. You can also bring your dog with you as long he is kept on a leash. 

Useful information about Annies Canyon: 

Parking: One notable place to park is North Rios Ave. 

The trail is 3.5km, 129m elevation gain. g

Upper Yosemite Falls Trail 

Upper Yosemite Falls trail spans 12 kilometres and is situated close to Yosemite Valley, California. The picturesque scenery includes a stunning waterfall and sparkling lakes. This trail is best for expert or intermediate level hikers. 

Yosemite National Park entrance fees are $35 for a standard car, $30 for motorbikes and $20 for bicycles and people arriving on foot. 

Most hikers visit the popular Yosemite Fall where you will find stunning views of Yosemite National Park. 

Useful information: The trail spans 12km, hikers should expect an elevation gain of approximately 985m. 

Eaton Canyon can be located close to Pasadena, California. A 5.6-kilometre trail, it’s suitable for all hikers and runners. Expect stunning views and a waterfall along the hiking trail. 

Most hikers classify Eaton Canyon as an easy hiking trail with exceptional views of the San Gabriel Mountains and Santa Monica Mountains. A popular trail because of its convenient location, bear in mind that it can get quite crowded on weekends and public holidays. 

Useful information: 

You need to reserve your spot in advance, walk-ins are not permitted and entry passes are timed, so you would need to arrive on time to avoid disappointment. 
There are hundreds of hiking trails to choose from in California, these are just some of the options available to you. Always remember to carry, plenty of water, sunscreen and energy snacks along with you. Also, a sun hat and sunglasses are necessary items to include in your hiking essentials kit.

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