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The Bubble Ending Explained: Ironic End Credit Scene

If you didn’t watch Judd Apatow’s latest Netflix comedy to the end (and I can’t blame you), you will have missed the end credit scene between Darren, Gavin and Pippa.

“Do you think they have enough footage in the can to put a cut together?

We didn’t get any of the opening, but maybe that doesn’t matter as long as the endings strong.

Yeah. The rest of the movie can be shit as long as the endings good. Cause that’s what they’ll remember. You know?

Oh yeah. Well at least we tried to make a movie. They can’t judge is for that. We made something that’s a distraction in these difficult times.”

I can’t tell if Judd Apatow knew he wrote a bad comedy? Is this dialogue ironic? Also released on April Fools Day, is the joke that we sat through two hour long film?

The thing is, the ending wasn’t all that great either…

The Bubble definitely should have been 90 minutes at the most and didn’t make use of a star studded cast (I’ve loved everything Keegan-Michael Key has been in).

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