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The Case for Real Estate Investment in Cambodia

Real estate investment in Cambodia is increasingly becoming a rewarding option for investors seeking to capitalise on the country’s expanding economy and population. Cambodia boasts a strategic position, a young labour population, and a quickly expanding economy, making it an attractive market for businesses and investors.

In recent years, Cambodia’s economy has been expanding with tremendous speed. It is anticipated that the country’s GDP would reach $36.54 billion by 2025, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Young people symbolise a nation’s potential. Cambodia’s population is the youngest, with a median age of 25.6 years. This is beneficial for investors and businesses that require a youthful, energetic staff.

Cambodia’s location in Southeast Asia makes it a suitable base for businesses seeking to grow throughout the area. The nation’s infrastructure is well-developed and it is well-connected to the rest of the world.

Why Invest in Real Estate in Cambodia?

Prices and rents are still very inexpensive, but are rapidly growing as the country becomes more popular with visitors and investors. And now is the ideal time to invest in Cambodia’s real estate market, given the government’s substantial investments in infrastructural projects.

Here are some of the numerous reasons to invest in Cambodian real estate:

Increasing tourist arrivals

Cambodia is becoming a popular tourist destination, as the number of visitors increases each. This is great news for investors, since it suggests that both visitors and corporations are seeking homes in the country.

Improving infrastructure

Several new airports, bridges, and highways are now being developed as part of the Cambodian government’s infrastructure improvement efforts. This makes Cambodia more accessible to foreign investors and visitors, so boosting the economy.

Favourable investment climate

The Cambodian government is eager to attract foreign investment and has enacted many measures to make doing business in the nation simpler for companies. Among these are tax incentives and expedited building permits.

A thriving economy

Cambodia’s economy is expanding swiftly due to the booming tourism industry and a rise in foreign investment. Consequently, property prices and rentals are increasing, which is excellent news for investors.

Cambodia’s GDP increased at an average annual rate of 7.7% from 1998 to 2019, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. This growth rate is mostly attributable to exports of apparel and tourism.

Stable political climate

Cambodia’s political climate is stable, which is crucial for investors. The present government is devoted to maintaining the country’s many years of peace.

Cambodia has emerged as one of the world’s top-performing economies due to the full peace attained by Prime Minister Hun Sen after the civil war in 1999. The rule of law, stability, peace, and democratisation were the impetus for such dramatic progress.

Sociable individuals

The people of Cambodia are noted for their friendliness and eagerness to assist visitors and investors. You will always feel welcome here, which makes it an excellent location for conducting business.

Natural beauty in abundance

Cambodia is a stunningly lovely nation with an abundance of landscapes to explore. From Sihanoukville’s beaches to Angkor Wat’s temples, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This natural beauty is one of the primary reasons Cambodia is such a popular tourist destination, and it is also one of the reasons investing in Cambodian real estate is a sensible decision.

Perfect climate

Cambodia has a tropical climate, meaning that it is always warm. This makes it a wonderful location to live and an attractive tourist destination.

Emerging real estate market

Although still in its infancy, the Cambodian real estate industry is expanding swiftly. This is an opportune moment to invest, since you can get in on the ground floor and potentially earn a substantial return.

Excellent potential for capital growth

Due to the fast expansion of the Cambodian economy and real estate market, there is a significant opportunity for capital appreciation. This indicates that investing in Cambodian real estate now might provide substantial returns in the future.

Notable player making the moves in Cambodia’s Real Estate Market

Chen Zhi Cambodia entrepreneur, with his Prince Holding Group (often known as Prince Group) and the subsidiary business units, are important participants in Cambodia’s real estate sector.

Who is Chen Zhi? Neak Oknha Chen Zhi is the Chairman of Prince Group, and he has contributed significantly to the expansion of the Cambodian real estate market. 

Prince Group has become a globally renowned Cambodian conglomerate under Chen Zhi’s leadership. His commitment to sustainable business methods has pushed him to invest in the future of the kingdom.

Prince Group is creating a township project on about one thousand hectares of land in Sihanoukville, along the shoreline of Ream. The project is anticipated to generate up to $16 billion in regional investment, making it one of Cambodia’s premier sustainable real estate initiatives.

The township project would strive to give its people with a good quality of life, with amenities and infrastructure that meet worldwide standards. It will also be eco-friendly and sustainable, with a focus on employing renewable energy sources and green spaces.

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