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The Characteristics of a Premium Face Mask

While mask-wearing had been a common practice in East Asia long before the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe, the future, as we see it, will likely involve the population holding on to face masks in their daily lives. For this purpose alone, buying high-quality and premium face masks can be seen as an important investment. Alongside offering rock-solid protection with absolute comfort, these face masks can aesthetically blend with any outfits you wear. Read on to know what exactly a premium high-end face mask has to offer. 

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Certified Filtration Efficiency 

The purpose of any face mask is to offer protection from the harmful particulate matter in the air. That said, a quality face mask goes the extra mile to incorporate the highest filtration efficiency within. The efficiency of filter media ultimately boils down to one question – how effectively can it prevent the smallest of particles from reaching your nose?

Superior quality high-filtration masks can filter out more than 99% of pollutants, viruses, and allergens. Their filtration system is carefully designed to trap particles of any size including the minutest PM0.1 particles. Where loose-fitting cloth or regular surgical masks are largely incapable of filtering out the finer submicron particles like PM2.5 or less (like PM0.2), high-filtration masks do the job. 

At AusAir, their premium face masks are certified by the FDA registered and ISO 17025 accredited Nelson Labs USA, and their filter media has a filtration efficiency greater than 99.80% (and 99.50% for 0.1 μm). With their masks, you can safely step outdoors knowing you are protected against the finest PM0.1, bacteria, and virus particles. 

Ideal Fit and Maximum Comfort

Filters are usually required for all-day use. This is reason enough to ensure they provide maximum comfort. A quality filtration mask is not only easier to wear but also provides effortless breathability. Masks can be 60% less efficient if they don’t fit properly. Alongside higher comfort, a premium mask ensures an accurate fitting. 

We like AusAir because their filter design incorporates a foam-fitting concept. It comes with comfortable nose foam and cushioned earloops that can be adjusted as per your size for long-time wear. Their range of replaceable filters is infused with pleasant botanical extracts that are beneficial to your health.

Aesthetic Appeal

In a post-covid lifestyle, face masks are practically a part of people’s outfits. Alongside providing efficient filtration, comfort, and breathability, it’s also important for a mask to look visually appealing. 

You want a mask that’s designed by keeping your personality in mind. AusAir’s have a sleek, minimalistic appeal and come in 3 subtle shades including black, pink, and grey to blend with everything you wear.

Protection from Everything Under the Sun (COVID-19 Included)

A World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that 9 out of 10 people across the world breathe air that is polluted. Pollutants, allergens, bacterial and viral aerosols can quickly have a negative impact on your health. While exposure to polluted air is unavoidable, it is still possible to safeguard your health with the help of a high-end mask that is meant for more than just coronavirus protection. 

Elements like car fumes, large-scale manufacturing emissions, and pathogens constantly linger in the air. With these pollutants on the rise, how do joggers, fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, and travelers access the luxury of clean air? A great solution would be to invest in AusAir’s masks that are created for your protection, comfort, and style.