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The Importance of Social Media Marketing in Tourism

As the world recovers from the impact of the pandemic, more and more people are eager to get on board a plane or car to explore someplace new and beautiful. 

After spending almost one and a half years at home, I’m pretty sure there will be a boom in the tourism industry. Your travel business shall be all prepared to hit the ground running. 

I suggest you better start planning your social media marketing strategy beforehand to let your tourism business get the most out of the eager-to-explore travelers like a pro. 

Social Media Marketing In Tourism: Why Does It Matter?

Any tourism business not using social media is missing out on the benefits of a core marketing segment. I say consider the types of posts you come across while scrolling through social media sites like Instagram. 

Today, food, travel, and fashion have become the three most common themes over the internet. After all, what’s the point of traveling to a scenic place if you don’t capture the moment online?

I have seen that almost every travel expert is active on social media. And as more than 90% of social media is about high visuals, it gives an amazing chance to allure customers with attractive and appealing images and videos of an Italian villa, sunny beach, or snowy mountain. 

Social media is also a go-to destination for people when they need to find things about travel and tourism. If your tourism company successfully provides these answers, you may earn yourself a loyal customer. 

This is great as one loyal customer would spread the word about your excellence around the traveler’s community. 

Best Social Media Marketing Practices For The Tourism Industry 

I have found that social media marketing plays a crucial role in the progression of the tourism industry. But I know many of you are unaware of the practices that can help you get the most out of social media for the tourism business. 

Take no worries as I got your back. Here are a few best practices of social media marketing that will undoubtedly boost your tourism business. 

Targeting The Right Demographic

While individuals from every sphere of life travel, several popular travel bloggers and influencers are young. It means that catering to the exact needs of this Gen Z demographic can serve your business well. 

I suggest using a social media video creator to produce content that would meet the needs of this demographic and let you stay on top of the hippest social media platforms and the latest trends. 

You may wish to target an older, wealthy audience based on your specific niche. For instance, if your client base has more than 50% of business travelers, you should start focusing your attention on LinkedIn. 

If you’re more into ensuring cruise experiences, you should target retirees and individuals who want to enjoy a slow-paced, luxurious form of travel. So, complete research and meet the audience’s needs from where they are. 


When it comes to social media influencers, collaborating with one can boost your tourism business’s conversion rates. Try to find any travel blogger that can feature or promote your brand. I also recommend seeking reviews from travel experts or seeing if an influencer can rep your business. 

These influential online personalities have an extensive list of loyal followers who trust their words and judgment. Thus, establishing a good relationship with them can significantly boost the number of customers you have within a few days. 

Given that, I suggest not putting all your focus into these aspects. Someone who’s an influencer can suddenly become a lost personality in the internet world. I always consider influencers to be a cherry on top. I used to save it for the last-minute benefits of my social media campaign. 


Over the last two years, video content has grown significantly in terms of popularity and importance. I am witnessing many tourism companies hopping on this trend. 

A good quality video showcasing the beauty of some exciting locations will lure anyone to consider saving up for the following travel voyage. 

I advise every tourism brand to use a social media video maker to produce excellent content for their potential customers present on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

If you’re using such an online tool to make your video content, it’s well and good enough. If not, I suggest going live streaming, as it’s the new trend. 

Paid Social Advertisements 

Social ads are one of the most simple yet effective ways to make your tourism business visible to customers. 

When making social ads, ensure to target the right audience and make ad copy that is compelling, enticing, and satisfying. I say you come up with something that will stop the individual right there in the middle of scrolling. 

Customer Support 

It has become easier for people to connect with businesses through social media to ask questions. I am confident of the fact that if you’ve got a travel business, your customers will definitely come with lots of questions. 

That’s why I suggest keeping a social media team that monitors, responds to, and handles those comments and messages on your social media accounts effectively and efficiently. 

Try Using a Social Media Tool

I say that consistency is the key to success. Your travel business must post videos and blogs consistently on social media to keep up with the online presence. Instead of putting all your info in a Word document or an Excel sheet, you can use schedule management tools and video creators. 

Crank out the proper quality content with the best tools by your side. By regularly posting things about tourism and your business, you can significantly increase your online visibility and allure the customers. 

Target The Best Channels & Use SEO

People sometimes forget to target the proper social media channels for their tourism marketing strategy. You must target the four horsemen of social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. 

You can drive immense benefit from these channels by making your video content and blog posts widely available on these platforms. Also, I recommend posting all your written and video content after getting them SEO optimized for enhanced visibility and conversion rates. 

Conclusion – Bon Voyage!

Although the tourism business has most likely taken its hits ever since the onset of the pandemic, the future is bright and shiny. 

With everything back on track, it’s the right time to refurbish your social media marketing strategy into your tourism business and boost it further with extra loads of determination. 

Social media and tourism go side by side at all times, and your business must take advantage of that. 

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