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What To Do Near King’s Cross: Luggage Storage Guide

Travelling is not just a hobby, but it is an emotion and a passion that people love to enjoy. People love to travel from one place to another and try different things. If you also have a passion for travelling, you must visit the King’s cross and enjoy the best experience.

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When we plan to travel across, the first thing that comes to the mind is luggage. If you are also planning to travel to the city, you must look out for options to store your luggage. Though there are many options out there, the best place to store your luggage is the luggage storage king’s cross

There are many hurdles that the travellers face that prove to be a barrier between you and your perfect clicks. Imagine you will click the roar of a lion. Still, your baggage is too heavy; you need to drag it for 10 minutes, or you are going on the hilltop to see the sunset and miss it as the luggage was too heavy. You could buy a lightweight suitcase.

To give you the sigh of relief from such issues, there are many luggage storage facilities available across the globe. These short term luggage storage kings cross facilities offer optimum relaxation to the travelers and help them enjoy a great trip without any hindrances. All you need is to check the best ones around you and get going with their services.

Things one can do at the King’s Cross 

Let us have a look at some of the things that you can get to enjoy at king’s cross

  1. Visit the famous platform of Harry Potter

Yes!! King’s cross is the place where you can get to visit the 9 ¾ platform from the movie Harry Potter and get to click pictures. You can get to enjoy clicking professional pictures with proper props and dresses. 

  1. Enjoy a night at the prison cell

King’s cross is the only place where you can get to enjoy a night at the famous prison cell. Kick back in the TV room that occupies an old court room and enjoy a nightcap in the ClashBar, named after the punk band that once stood at the court trial.

  1. Visit the museums of London

At the House of Illustration on Granary Square, with a permanent exhibition of political cartoons, advertising and fashion designs, you can get to visit the world’s first public gallery devoted to promoting and celebrating illustration. 

At the London Canal Museum you can learn more about London’s waterways. The museum runs occasional Tunnel Tours, a guided narrow boat tour of the long canal tunnel of Islington. 

  1. Take a long walk at the Regent’s canal

The Regent’s Canal in London is an 8.6-mile waterway linking the Paddington Basin and the Limehouse Basin. Head along the towpath and stroll past vibrant houseboats and apartments on the luxurious waterfront located in converted warehouses. You can walk further to picturesque Little Venice or travel in the other direction through Islington and on to trendy Dalston with its bars and restaurants. 

To enjoy all this you need to have hands that are bare and give you the pleasure of travelling without any hassles. For this you can look out for the luggage storage king’s cross. 

  1. Eat delicious food at the Camino’s

There is a Spanish restaurant and bar at Camino King’s Cross, which is just a 5-minute walk from King’s Cross Station. 

Go down to King’s Cross’s Camino Restaurant and treat yourself to Pan Con Tomate and a bottle of the finest Vino Blanco in Spain, and indulge in the world-renowned culture of Spain. It can also act as a store for drinks. Stop at the Camino juice bar and pick up a selection of freshly squeezed juices if you fancy a morning drink!

Benefits of luggage Storage Company

Now that you understand the ways with the help of which you can select the best luggage storage company. Let us move ahead and get to know about the benefits luggage storage King’s cross can offer:

A free mind of travelling 

The best thing about luggage storage is that they help you to travel hand free. You do not have to carry your big suitcases from one place to another. Your luggage will not be the cause of hindrance anymore. All you need to do is to look for the best luggage storage service and get to enjoy your trip to the core.

No worries about the luggage 

When you choose the best luggage storage King’s cross, you can enjoy peace of mind and not worry about your bags. Just store then and take the key of the lockers. Let them know your mobile number and get set to rejuvenate your sense with the best travelling experience without the hassles of your luggage.

No tiresome times

Travelling is not only about visiting new places, but it is also about getting a refresher from your tiring life. When bored of your hectic schedule, all you need is a break. But travelling with those big bags can make you lose the charm of the trip. Hence, you need to check the best luggage storage facility where you can dump your bag and baggage and carry on with just you and your camera.

Time and money-saving

One of the best things that you get to enjoy with the luggage storage services is that they are time-saving and help you save loads of money. They do not charge an immense amount and save your time that you might spend in dragging your bags. So give everything a quick goodbye and enjoy a great trip keeping in mind to store your luggage and breathe free.

This was all you need to know about the best things about King’s cross. When you are all set to travel in your best clothes, and best mood, why let the luggage make you feel tired or breathless. Just book the best storage facility and get going with a great trip that is just as relaxing as you wanted it to be.

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