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The thrill and excitement of the Maduro dive packages

Diving is a wonderful and lifelong family activity and the resorts that are included in the Maduro dive packages provide each and every member the variety they require so that every member enjoys their vacations. So whether a family is of 2 or 22 members, every member of the family enjoys the vacation.  It  actually does not matter whether the family is a mix of divers and non divers, very active or laid back,  or travel with teenagers, children, grandparents or siblings,  a selection of resorts with family programs are provided.

The Maduro dive packages comprises of over thirty nine countries, 225 and more resorts and operators and more than 48 liveable boards. One can add up in any way, the Maduro Dive packages has the vacation that one dreams about. Various dive and adventure tour packages are offered with low cost affair to the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific and Africa. In each case someone from Maduro has personally visited and dove each destination and is familiar with the hotels, and the dive and adventure tour operators. They are in a unique position of being a representative and wholesale tour company, which greatly benefits its customers. In fact all the staffs are knowledgeable and are well trained travel agents and certified divers. Here one thing should be noted that the package pricing is affected by the international exchange rates.

The scientists, naturalists and tourists have explored these areas for decades, and only after that they have certified these places as diving destinations. Once the boat is boarded by the travellers, and after they have settled down, the onboard manager and the guide summarizes the week ahead and explains the rules of engagement, which eventually serves to preserve the wildlife as well. On land one has to stay on the marked trail, and any kind of touching or harassing the animals is strictly prohibited, no matter how well tamed and friendly they appear.

The water temperature depends on the time of the year, location of the archipelago and the dominant ocean current. The water temperatures can range from the upper 70 degrees Fahrenheit to below   60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is actually cold for the equators.

These kind of diving are done in small dinghies or pangas that are launched from the yachts. Most of the dives are done as drift dives, where everyone rolls into the water together and the panga driver follows the bubble, along a predetermined route. All divers should carry safety flag which will be available on the respective yachts. These safety flags can be bought from the local dive store.

It is always the palatable excitement of the diving that drives one ahead. As one climbs up and suits up on the panga, and head out across open water to the dive site, it makes one feel that he has just steeped into a Discovery Channel Special or even a Jacques Cousteau documentary.

The various attractions which include the whale’s cry, the sight of the sharks makes these Maduro dive packages even more attractive.

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