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The Unfiltered Truth About Group Travel

Whether you’re travelling the globe or just planning a summer holiday down to the coast, travel arrangements are always a huge decision to agree upon. Do you want to spend the next couple hours of your life crammed in with strangers or would you prefer to reach into the depths of your wallet and fish out a couple more coins to pay for private travel? 

Before you make this decision, It’s only right that you dedicate yourself on the benefits of each option. In this blog post, we will be taking you through all of the key factors that come into travel arrangements, cost, environmental impact and the behind the scenes stuff that you deserve to know.  

Does Group Travel Contribute To Your Carbon Footprint? 

So the simple answer is yes, nearly all forms of travel contribute to your carbon footprint in one way or another. Even when you get on the bicycle. The important thing to understand is that every mode of transport emits a different amount of carbon. For example, a private jet can burn up to 40 times as much carbon dioxide per passenger when compared to a commercial flight. 

International travel contributes to a huge percentage of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere every day. In fact, due to the carbon being emitted at higher altitudes it is thought to have a worse effect on our atmosphere compared to greenhouse gasses emitted at sea level. 

How about when it comes to national travel? Well, coaches are by far one of the most efficient modes of transport, just behind the euro star. If you’re looking for a cheap yet environmental friendly to travel this year, coach hire in Clevedon is the perfect option for you. 

Is Group Travel Cheaper Than Travelling Alone? 

A single ticket coach from London to the centre of Bristol can cost as little as £2. If you were to travel by yourself in a car it would cost you anywhere from £15 – £20 depending on the efficiency of your vehicle. It goes without saying that if your travelling alone, a coach would be the cheaper option. 

If you are travelling in a full car of 5 seat coach travel is only a fraction cheaper. When you take into consideration the price of getting to the coach station and parking if required, it may just work out that travelling in a car may just work out to be the better option. 

What Is It Like To Travel The World As A Group? 

There some hidden benefits to travelling on a coach which aren’t included in the price of the ticket. One of these benefits is the social aspects of travelling with others. There is something so special about getting to know someone you have never met before, and I think its a reason why many chose to take public transport daily. The sense of community is simply unmatched. 

Like all things in life, there will always be some horror stories out there that will put people off group travel for life. You can’t control who decides to sit next to you so its important that you consider this before booking your next trip. The best advice we can give you is to book a private coach with the right number of seats for you and your family.

Is Group Travel A Viable Option For You?

In my opinion, group travel is a viable option for anyone who is looking to travel long distances without having to deal with the full price tag. Is it right for you? Well, that is for you to decide. We have provided you with the facts now its time to take what you know and put your plans into action.

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