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This Is What £2.50 Strawberries & Cream Looks Like At Wimbledon 2023

Yep, it’s not much for £2.50, but when in Wimbledon, right?

There’s around five strawberries there maybe? But the experience was enhanced by eating on Murray Mound.

The history of strawberries and cream at Wimbledon tennis

The roots of this tradition can be traced back to the early days of the championship in the late 19th century. As tennis grew in popularity, visitors flocked to the All England Club in search of entertainment and respite from the summer heat. The advent of the railways allowed for the swift transportation of strawberries from the nearby county of Kent, known for its bountiful harvests. These succulent berries, paired with fresh cream, quickly became a cherished treat for tennis enthusiasts.

The precise moment when strawberries and cream made their official debut at Wimbledon remains somewhat elusive. However, it is widely believed that the tradition solidified during the tournament’s first decade. In 1877, when the inaugural Wimbledon Championships took place, the combination was already gaining traction as a popular summertime indulgence.

Over the years, strawberries and cream have become more than just a culinary delight. They are an emblem of British summer, symbolizing elegance, tradition, and a celebration of sporting excellence. Today, an estimated 34,000 kilograms of strawberries are consumed during the fortnight-long tournament, with each batch meticulously selected to ensure peak ripeness and flavor.