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Thrills of Motorbike Races in France

Motorbike racing is some of the most exciting competition one will ever see, nothing beats the excitement of motorbike racing. The skilled bike racers are like the last of the gladiators in the sense they are the class of athletes who endanger their lives through serious injuries to be crowned champions of the sport. For success the biker and the bike have to both work in harmony, on occasions its poetry in motion and at times its just bravery and determination combating a 200mph-plus racing bike without a safety cage.

Bike racing is worshiped by many around the globe, each cyclist mostly dressed in vibrant silk with black trunks. Spinning around the track their bikes generally shinny chrome wheel spokes shimmering in illumination tracks lined by a row of spectators habitually seated.

Of the many motorbike racing held in the larger France, The 24 Hours of Le Mans Moto being among them is a race held yearly since the late 1970’s on the Bugatti track in Le Mans. The organizers of the race are the Automobile club de l’Ouest abbreviated as ACO. The race they created became the classics of the endurance racing.

Endurance racing is a form of motorsport racing primarily meant to assess the equipment durability and stamina of the participants of the race. This kind of races can be run either to wrap a set distance in laps quickly or to cover much ground over a predetermined amount of time. Other race that became classics in France includes the 24 Hours of liege. For most race viewers, they don’t have to do the racing but rather feel obliged to, ranging from a diversity of excuses, from excitement to practicality.

The most distinct obsession about riding is that not anything feels like a motorbike, the buzz of being at one with a two wheeled engine that weights a couple of pounds is one and only purest ways of getting from location A to B. At times the risk involved increases the pleasure. The thrills of racing in France common to other areas are mainly the feeling of being out in the fresh air, motoring down the highway.

France Hill Town

France Hill Town (Photo credit: isriya)

France has the most fantastic of landscape; the roads are quitter, and friendly people making biking to be really special. The best thing about racing is the option of doing what you’ve being dreaming of since you were a child, it’s a privilege the fact that it’s both your job and hobby personally that’s incredible and the worst thing is all the travelling around, dealing with all the pressure can be intolerable.

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