Tiege Hanley Review: Easy Men’s Skin Care Routine

Tiege Hanley Review: Easy Men's Skin Care Routine 4

Uncomplicated skin care for men?

Yes, please.

I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes because I’m super forgetful, so I was excited to try something new.

Tiege Hanley skin care for men.

Easy to use skin care for men

What I like about Tiege Hanley’s box of treats is the easy to follow routine.

I find it all too easy to forget; skip a day or five when it comes to skin care. I am that person who forgets to apply suncream every summer.

The Tiege Hanley skin care system lays out your 30-day program in an easy to follow manner – morning, night and even usage sizes.

Tiege Hanley Review: Easy Men's Skin Care Routine 5

There’s even instructional videos for those who need more assistance.

Tiege Hanley products and levels

There are three levels to choose from so you can choose the best products for your needs.

It’s just really helpful to have almost a checklist to go through that explains each stage simply.

Included in my level three box ($55) are:

  • daily face wash
  • exfoliating scrub
  • morning moisturiser
  • bedtime moisturiser
  • firming serum
  • eye cream
  • moisturing lip balm
Tiege Hanley Review: Easy Men's Skin Care Routine 6

The results

Maybe it’s because I’ve managed to stick to a face care routine for the first time in my life, but after four weeks my skin looks the best it’s ever been.

My skin is pretty sensitive and dries out easily so I was a little apprehensive using products day and night (probably fom using cheap products in the supermarket).

But I’m happy to report my skin hasn’t flared up.

There’s free delivery if you’re in the US. Tiege Hanley also donate The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Check out the Tiege Hanley range and see for yourself!