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3 Best Motorcycle Trips in the US

You haven’t experienced a motorcycle trip around the US until you’ve done one of these.

Get your motor running, heading on the highway.

Biking around the US is much more than route 66 you know.

Beartooth Highway, Montana

‘The pass is open all the way. Enjoy!’ says the sign. And enjoy you shall.

Drive from Red Lodge and experience different ecosystems, so better make sure your motorcycle tires are up to the job! Once you get to the top, admire the Alpine-like mountains – at 10,947 feet with 360° views. You might be walking on the clouds, literally depending on the weather! Don’t get too close to the edge though, there is a distinct lack of guard rails. Follow the signs and go at 20mph!

The ascent is half the fun – the descent towards Cooke City makes up the other half. There may be less switchbacks than going up, but sometimes it’s nice just to coast and enjoy the ride.

Skyline Drive, Georgia

If seing wildlife is a must on your motorcycle trip in the US, you can’t beat Skyline Drive in Georgia.

Bears and deer are just some of the wildlife you’ll say hi to as you drive 105 miles (it’ll take you about 4 hours on your motorcycle). Okay, the speed limit is 35 mph so this isn’t one for the motorcyclists who have a need for speed. But the slow pace means you can stop and admire the scenery and Mother Nature at her best. There are plenty of places to stop and have a picnic (it would be rude not to with the surroundings) with a view, so motorcycle gear such as reliable luggage is a must.

There’s also a lot of twists and turns which makes up for the slow speed so you’ll still have fun of course.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

If you’re looking for fresh air in the form of sea breeze, Pacific Coast highway in California beats the rest.

Perfect for those who have a week or two for their motorcycle trip in the US and would like to explore cities and towns on the way.

There are at least 13 incredible stops as you make your way from San Diego to San Francisco. Each offering their own personality – Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Malibu and Los Angeles and are just some you should definitely add to your list.

With such as long trip, better make sure your motorcycle is in top condition and visit a motorcycle parts store for all the necessary fixes before setting out.

What are your top motorcycle roads in the US? Tell us in the comments section below!


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