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Top 3 Three Things to See in Milan

Stylish Milan isn’t the fashion capital of the world for nothing. Sure, this is a shopaholic’s paradise with the who’s who of top fashion designers such as Armani and Versace calling the city home. But look past the glamorous shops and you’ll find a beautiful city steeped in culture. Here are the top three attractions in Milan.

Duomo Di Milano

Duomo Di Milano, Milan

Duomo Di Milano

If you only have time to see one thing in the city, it must be Milan’s Cathedral. Duomo Di Milano took almost six centuries to build, but when you see it you’ll understand why. The level of detail in every crevasse is awe-inspiring.

The streets seem to lead towards the magnificent structure no matter which direction you head in – so just go with the flow. As the fifth largest cathedral in the world, it won’t exactly ‘creep up’ on you when you arrive. The large square in which it sits in amplifies the size of the cathedral – it almost looms over you as you get closer.

Take the time to admire the spires which seem to pierce the sky and the grand decor inside complete with stained glass windows and sculptures. And if you’re feeling spritely enough, climb (or take the elevator if you’re not) to the top where the roof provides unrivalled views over the city.

The Last Supper

Art aficionados won’t be disappointed to find Milan is home to Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece The Last Supper. The fresco is located on a wall in the Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Depicting the moment Christ announces to his disciples that one will betray him; it has become an iconic image in religion and the art world. While it may be only one painting, you could stare at it for hours, analysing the scene to the very last detail.

However, you only get 15 minutes to view it and you have to book well in advance, anything from two weeks to a couple of months. But it’s well worth the effort as the fresco continues to deteriorate. It has been suggested 80% of the original colour has been lost – so be quick.

San Siro Stadium Tour

San Siro Stadium, Milan

San Siro Stadium

Whether you’re a fan of football or not, everyone will be able to appreciate the history of two football powerhouses – A.C Milan and Inter Milan – when they go on the San Siro stadium tour.

Dominating European football for the last half century, visitors will be immersed in football heritage and history as they are taken back through the glory years. The facade has as much flair and style as the city.

Visitors will be dazzled by this jaw dropping structure; its size can only truly be appreciated when completely empty of passionate fans. You’ll also get a glimpse behind the scenes with access to the interview room and the player’s changing room while the museum guides you through the incredible history of these two teams.

Have you been to Milan? What are your must see attractions? Tell us in the comments section below.

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