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Top 4 Airport Parking Websites In San Antonio

San Antonio, this fast-growing Texan hub is as vibrant as it is charming, boasting 18th century Spanish missions, three amusement parks, the San Antonio Spurs, some of the largest Rodeo events, and a renowned downtown area.

Set your sights on one of Texas’ best escapes, and delight in a diverse mix of gastronomic talent, gorgeous woodlands, bustling sport and a storied arts scene here in the city of the Alamo. Whether this is your lucky home, another leg on your journey or the destination for your holiday, we understand that planning can be a mammoth task- especially with finding parking!

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered- read on for our top four picks for airport parking websites here around San Antonio, and make arrivals and departures a breeze.

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On Air Parking

Renowned by The Washington Post, Forbes and Inc Magazine, On Air Parking is a locally-partnered, health-conscious and all-inclusive website that is a solid choice for parking on any occasion, as a traveller and local alike. On Air Parking is a great choice due to the options for Airports and City parking, as well as the amount of behind-the-scenes knowledge that comes free of charge!

The rates are famously low with On Air Parking, with many of their rates under 10 or even 5 dollars a day! In the case of specifically San Antonio Airport Parking, On Air Parking offers a lot with a daily rate of 3.75! Even the longest trips will find remarkable savings with On Air Parking. Aside from the very low rates on parking, the customer service and responsiveness also sets On Air Parking apart, with a regular customer support line and plenty of connections with their local parking partners.

In addition, there is also an extensive blog series for not just finding parking, but also travel for every occasion and theme for cities all over the nation and beyond! Whether these are photoshoots, foodie tours, bar crawls, concertgoers’ getaways or enjoying the outdoors, On Air Parking has compiled an impressive compendium on these subjects for cities big and small all over the nation and for the hottest travel destinations beyond.

On Air Parking is a great resource for finding parking near the airport, in the city, at a low price and with all the insider secrets and tips for your trip- what more could we ask for? Search and book parking while planning your next trip with On Air Parking to maximise your travel budget in a breezy and satisfying manner, all with the best traveller secrets. 

Way is another option to consider for those who want a more search-engine centred approach, complete in a sleek website and mobile application. More than a parking solution, provides support 24/7 for not only locating airport parking, but also city parking, car washes and even comparing car insurance! This is a great catch-all solution to your car-related plans for your next trip, offering plenty of locations to consider for each airport- all complete with reviews!

The review feature is especially of note, as some valuable tips, anecdotes and information about recent status can be found here when considering different parking options, as well as just checking quality. For San Antonio specifically, boasts eight options ranging from 4.50 down to 3.50 a day!

This is a far cry from the 14 dollar daily rate in the long term parking garage or even the daily rate of 7 in the economy lots, and complete with shuttle service, this can quite literally cut prices in half. In addition, there is also plenty of handy travel information with, including TSA wait times, a flight status search engine, and more recently- stadium parking for MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL venues! is a great tool to consider for your next journey not just at the airport, but at many other points of interest and at any point in your planning.

Check out Way for a versatile and smooth airport parking solution all in a snazzy interface, and be sure to keep the app handy for all of your big trips-whether to the championship game or for the next trip involving a rental. 


iFly is another information-dense website perfect for the casual traveller or the frequent flyer- really bringing every part of your airport experience down to a solid data point. Beyond airport parking options, iFly also offers airport maps, airline finders via a search, gate status, flight status, wait times, walk times and more-! Not just the parking, but pretty much from the moment you grab your keys to when you arrive at your destination, iFly has you covered. This can be a good option for nervous or first time flyers, or those who like to be as informed as possible about their trip.

Of note is the gate to gate guidance tools, incredibly useful for those quick transfers or stops in unfamiliar / airports, quite literally laying out the path from your arrival gate to your next flight gate- but from the iFly website! This can cut down wait times in front of interactive maps or kiosks in the terminals, as well as add another sense of orientation and direction for the traveller that likes to go extra prepared. In addition, they also offer reliable, 24/7 and cheap options for parking as low as 5.35 a day in the San Antonio Airport area, complete with shuttle service!

Their local parking partners around the San Antonio Airport also offer vehicle assistance free of charge, including battery starts, tire inflation, emergency gasoline and even vehicle search assistance- all via one number. The experienced traveller and those who can’t get enough information about their trip will find themselves in good hands with iFly, a premier option for airport and flight information, as it is with reliable and accessible parking solutions. 


For those new to airport parking and just want a no-frills, straightforward solution easy to navigate for travellers of all ages and comfort levels, Parkobility is your pick. Parkobility offers daily parking as cheap as 5.95 a day complete with a shuttle, and is a simple click away from booking parking for your next trip out of San Antonio, whether it’s a short holiday or a long vacation.

We understand the complications with denser websites such as iFly can be daunting, so for first-time flyers who just want to book quickly and get the issue of parking sorted and out of the way, Parkobility is our pick. Aside from the parking solutions, Parkobility also services a number of popular airports in Canada, and even boasts a small, charming blog corner for airport travel tips, games for the long road trips and even tips for travelling with children! As you can see, Parkoblity is ready to serve travellers of all backgrounds and parties, no matter the simple, breezy interface.

InAside from these perks, Parkobility also works tightly to ensure guaranteed parking with every reservation and goes great lengths to avoid overbooking- perfect for those who want to book and not have to think twice. Take Parkobility for your next trip for a quick three steps process that gets accessible and secure parking in a jiffy.