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1.5 Days in Barcelona: Top 5 Must See Sights

Barcelona is a popular vacation destination in Spain. It has everything that a person on holiday might desire. Some International organizations have even categorized it among the best beach destinations in the world. Beaches are, obviously, the most popular tourist spots in Barcelona. Besides, the city has to offer favorable climate, beautiful mountains, historical sites, delicious cuisine and a buzzing nightlife.

1. Sagrada Familia

Even though its construction has not finished yet, Sagrada Familia has become the topmost attraction of Barcelona. One can imagine the magnitude of work and design complexity with the fact that the work on the project has been on since 1882. A large Roman Catholic Church, Sagrada Familia is considered as the best architectural masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, who was a Catalan architect and created a number of amazing structures in Barcelona. The cathedral is expected to be finished by 2028. For travelers taking flights to Barcelona, it would be an amazing experience to see the grandeur of Sagrada Familia.

La Rambla in Barcelona
La Rambla in Barcelona (Photo credit: neilalderney123)

2. La Rambla

A tree-lined pedestrian mall, La Rambla is popular with locals as well as tourists. The entire area consists of a series of streets, each offering its own array of attractions. For example, visitors can see Font de Canaletes fountain at Rambla de Canaletes and a former Capuchin monastery at Rambla dels Caputxins. A famous street is Rambla de Sant Josep, which attracts tourists for its open-air flower market. It would indeed be a fantastic way to spend an evening at La Rambla as visitors can find here street performers, and lots of bars and restaurants.

3. Park Guell

A wonderland created by Antoni Gaudi, the famous architect who designed Sagrada Familia, Park Guell is basically a garden complex with elements of architecture. It seems like a fairyland with its out-of-the-world architecture. The highlight of Park Guell is the famous Salamander sculpture, which is a multicolored mosaic structure located at the main entrance of the park. A stunning place indeed, the park is also home to the Gaudi House Museum, which contains original works by Gaudi and several of his collaborators. A visit to Park Guell is a must for travelers taking flights to Barcelona with kids.

4. Camp Nou

One of the largest stadiums in the world, Camp Nou has probably no parallel in Europe. The home of Football Club Barcelona, it has hosted numerous international matches and other sports events since its foundation in 1957. With its size and look, Camp Nou has also become a major tourist attraction in Barcelona. It would indeed be an amazing experience to watch a football match while sitting among more than 90 thousand crazy fans.

5. Museo Picasso

Travelers taking flights to Barcelona should not miss an opportunity to see the original artworks of the greatest Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Museo Picasso is where they should be heading for to explore the extensive collections of artworks by the painter. The museum is said to have a collection of over 3,500 works created by the painting genius. Museo Picasso is one of its own kinds in the world and probably the best place to have an enriching experience about the artworks of Pablo Picasso. Among the highlights include ‘The First Communion’, and ‘Science and Charity’, Picasso’s first major works.

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