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My Top 5 Christmas Songs

Christmas songs are like Marmite; you either love them or hate them. This was apparent when Christmas songs were playing in the office! For me, I have to be in the mood. I created a Christmas songs playlist on Spotify, but I don’t listen to it all the way through December because I would go insane. I love both the old style crooner Christmas songs to the slightly newer pop songs and so I thought I would share my top five Christmas songs.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Divided By Friday

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mariah Carey’s version. Trying to match her high pitched tones is extremely challenging yet fun at the same time, particularly the beginning before the song kicks into life. But I’ve heard it too many times; it receives radio overkill. I love this cover by Divided By Friday which rocks it up to eleven.

2. Santa Claus is Back in Town – Elvis Presley

I only stumbled upon this track this Christmas, I can’t believe it has escaped me for so long! I love it because it has Elvis’ trademark style all over it giving Christmas a bluesy-rock feel.

3. Step Into Christmas – Elton John

This is my idea of the perfect Christmas song. It should be upbeat and fun! I can’t help but tap my foot which soon turns into doing the Twist and Shout dance. Unfortunately there isn’t a decent video on Youtube of the song so if you haven’t heard it before, listen to it on Spotify or something!

4. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Kaley Ukelele (feat. Matt Norris from Matt Norris & The Moon)

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There are many versions I could have picked for this song – I just like the conversation back and forth from each singer. I really like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s version because they have such distinctive voices. But I’ve chosen someone I used to work with. She has a beautiful voice and it really suits the style and narration of the story I think.

5. Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea

It’s a song that doesn’t have a lot going on. It continues at a steady pace all throughout. But I think I like it because of the story. While I can’t personally relate to it, I’m sure millions of people around the world who are driving home and looking forward to spending Christmas with their families can.

And here is my Christmas playlist on Spotify!

What’s your favourite Christmas song? Tell me in the comments section below!

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