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Top 5 Destinations for your Travel Bucket List 2022

Recently, travel experts and fanatics joined forces with those at Traveller to put together a list of dream destinations to add to your bucket list for 2022.

The list was put together by a variety of long-term travel industry experts, from flight specialists to hotel owners to tour officials, and more.

By including various travel authorities in creating this list of must-see destinations, we were able to discover the most sought-after travel destinations based on a range of factors such as all-inclusive package offerings, exotic and remote locations, and cruise offerings.

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The Hunt for Adventure in 2022
While many travelers may prefer a remote pristine beach with crystal clear waters, there are many thrill-seekers that are looking for an adventurous getaway.

The world is full of thousands of destinations with breathtaking landscapes, historic and cultural sights, gorgeous beaches, and stunning mountaintops. However, we have done the unthinkable and have created a list of the top five destinations for the thrill-seekers out there to add to their travels for 2022.

Below are the top five destinations that we recommend that range in regard to popularity, climate and weather, and remoteness.

  • Eastern Canada: Eastern Canada may not be the first place that comes to mind when forming a list of must-see places for your travels. However, this location offers many massive, beautiful lake views, quaint towns and scenery, and a variety of historical areas to visit. There are a variety of water activities available including the ability to rent a boat and relax along the lake, while taking in the breathtaking French-inspired architecture. In addition, this area boasts of culture from delicious cuisine to live entertainment in a multitude of restaurants and bars.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka offers a range of uniqueness for its visitors. Nature is one of the most sought-after features of those traveling to this location due to the astounding national parks, tea plantations, beautiful hills and landscapes, and picturesque waterfalls. Sri Lanka has some of the world’s most diverse and exciting wildlife, in addition to some of the world’s most pristine beaches. It is no doubt that Sri Lanka has made it to our top five list of must-see destinations in 2022.
  • Norway: Norway is one of the most popular tourist destinations nowadays. There are a variety of ways to travel to this hotspot – whether it be a cruise stop or a direct flight. This Scandinavian country is considered one of the most extraordinary countries on each, with stunning mountains, glaciers, and coastal prettiness. In addition, Norway is well-known for its vibrant cultural life. It is certainly a place to add to your travel list for 2022.
  • The Kimberley: The Kimberley is located in Western Australia and offers some of the most exciting sights for travelers. From the Bungle Bungle Ranges to Cable Beach, there are dozens of stunning attractions to explore when visiting this destination. The area is home to some of the world’s most incredible wildlife and picturesque national parks. In addition, The Kimberley also hosts many wonderful waterfalls, including the Horizontal ‘two-way’ waterfall of Talbot Bay in the Buchaneer Archipelago.
  • Namibia: A country in southern Africa, Namibia has made our top five list of destinations to visit in 2022. This beautiful destination offers breathtaking deserts and landscapes that are among some of the favorite camping areas in the world. This location is guaranteed to become of the most life-changing trips you take in 2022.

With the ever-changing travel environment, it seems that many travelers are looking for a more personalized and cultural-rich experience. While families tend to go for the all-inclusive trips and cruises, many millennials and couples have started to search out for the destinations based on culture and scenery. So, start your 2022 off right and plan your first amazing trip!

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