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Top 5 Hidden Gem Italian Islands I Want To Visit. And So Should You.

Italy’s islands give it’s cities a run for their money.
Everyone knows about Italy’s cities. Venice, Florence, Verona are just a few to roll off the tongue. I‘ve been to Rome, Milan and Lake Como in Italy so far. I love Italy for it’s history, culture and, most of all, it’s food.

But there’s another side to Italy I haven’t seen – its islands.

Here is my list of Italian islands I want to visit.

Burano Island

It’s like someone has broken the contrast button on Burano Island.


Sort of like Nyhavn in Copenhagen or Notting Hill in London, but much much much more extreme.

And you can’t just go painting your house willy nilly. You need to write to the Government and they’ll give you a selection of colours to choose from…

Elba Island

Elba island is my left field pick. Despite it being the third largest Italian island (after Sardinia and Sicily), it still remains fairly unknown. Which is probably why the beaches are less crowded than the other islands.

But it’s not just the beaches you should be adding Elba island to your travel bucket list. It’s beautiful, I reckon Mother Nature resides here. Apparently the water sport activities are fantastic here too.

It’s easy to reach too with ferries to Elba. And check out the top place to stay on Elba island.

Procida Island

Another hidden Italian gem is Procida Island. Maybe it’s the fact that Procida is the Bay of Naples’ smallest island that it’s managed to fly under the radar.

Cats out of the bag, Procida looks strikingly similar to Portofino (where I also want to go but it’s not an island so isn’t on this list), but without the mass of tourists.


Capri Island

I would say Capri is a cross between an island and a mountain. Just how do they manage to build houses and shops all along the mountains?!


You may spot the odd celebrity in the designer shops or drinking fine win at a restaurant – it’s one of those kinds of places.

But the main reason I want to visit Capri island is to see Blue Grotto. Apparently this cavern glows an electric blue…

Ischia Island

The largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples, you might forget it’s an island due to it’s development. While many head to the more popular Bay of Naples island, Capri, Ischia offers just as much plus better beaches.

Perfect for rest and recuperation, Ischia island is made up of small spa towns. Offset by the beautiful surroundings of forests, it’s a tale of two islands.

Where in Italy have you travelled to? Which Italian islands would you like to visit?

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