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5 Must Have Tech Gadgets To Support Traveling

Gadgets when traveling have changed over the recent a few years. Where once the GPS was King of the road, now the small and more compact smart phone has taken its place. Here are some traveling you can use the next time you’re out and about.

1 – A Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 (Photo credit: Janitors)

As far as traveling tools go, the smartphone has been the number one and best traveling tool of all time. The average smartphone now has GPS and satellite navigation. This means that instead of relying on the GPS satellite navigation system, you may use the one that comes installed within your smartphone. As if this were not enough, you may also use the map functions and have a person’s voicing shouting out instructions to you as you are driving. As you may already know, smartphone also allows you to text, phone, email and access the Internet and a whole range of user apps. It is now possible to find a location that is closest to you by simply going on the Internet of your local area on a map to locate places of interest for travelers. If that were not enough, it is also small and compact so that it will fit in your pocket, and you can play games on it and access social media as well.

2 – A digital camera

Leica S2 SLR Digital Camera body

Leica S2 SLR Digital Camera body (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

The digital camera is the perfect tool to take with you on your travels. Many people may say that you should use your smartphone to take photographs. This is not the case if you have a digital camera to hand. This is because a digital camera is designed and better suited for taking higher quality photographic shots. It also has things such as more settings, and a better zoom function. It will also have a better flash function and will have a longer lasting battery. The digital camera is also highly complex these days, very compact and may hold a larger memory card so that more photographs may be taken in one sitting.

3 – HDV Camcorder

Portable Full HD 1080P 3D camcorder 3D Video C...

Portable Full HD 1080P 3D camcorder 3D Video Camera Double Lens HDV-VD2 (Photo credit:

When it comes to a camcorder, some may say that a smartphone or even a digital camera is better than a video recorder. When it comes to taking in high quality and high definition video, it is far better to have a HDV camcorder at your disposal. With this fine instrument, you may take high quality videos of your travels and it can capture details that your smartphone could only dream of catching. It is also a larger device which means that it holds a larger battery, and it has the capacity to hold far higher memory capacities. This means that the user may use the camcorder for a lot longer within uninterrupted sittings.

4 – E-Reader

An e-reader is actually quite a good device to take around with you on your travels. Most of them have a reasonably good battery life, and many of them are able to display digital text in a way that makes it very easy to read, almost as if you’re reading text from a paper book. Many of the more modern ones are now slightly more durable for you can carry them around without the fear of breaking them. There is also the greatest perk, and that is that you are able to carry around a very large library of books–all in digital format. This is both convenient and pragmatic. It means that one may take their favorite books on holiday and on their travels and not have to deal with the trouble of carrying them or paying the extra weight on a plane.

My pandigital novel 7 e-reader with apps installed

My pandigital novel 7 e-reader with apps installed (Photo credit: gurdonark)

5 – Universal Adapter Kit

The universal adaptor kit is one of the most popular traveling items and traveling accessories of the western world. The electricity sockets and other such things are different all around the world, as are the energy amounts that you draw from the socket. That is why mostly everybody takes some form of universal adaptor when they go on holiday to a different country. They are very pragmatic devices, and many of them may be adapted so that they may be used in more than one country. The universal adaptor is also one of those things that you can use for a great many years because it is not something that wears out quickly. In fact, people only tend to buy them again when they have lost the ones they had previously.

Other items you may consider taking with you

Some people take measuring scales with them when they go on holiday. This is so that they may weigh their luggage before they get on the plane to find out if they are going to incur any extra charges from luggage weight. People take them on holiday because when you are coming back from holiday you may pick up a lot of souvenirs and things to take home. If you take the scales with you then you can weigh your luggage when you’re on holiday to find out how much you take after paying in order to get your luggage home.


iPad (Photo credit: FHKE)

Some people take their tablet devices. The reasons for this are not quite clear, however if for example you have apps on that particular tablet which you feel will be very helpful on your holiday, and then it seems only fair that you take your tablet with you. Otherwise unless you have low cost access to the Internet, it seems that your tablet device may play a second fiddle to your Smartphone device. If however you are not going abroad, then your tablet device may be great entertainment whilst you’re on the road, but obviously not whilst you are driving.

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