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Top 6 Attractions in Thimphu

Thimphu is the capital city of Bhutan. With most of the country’s population residing in the capital, it is the economic hub of the country. The capital does not house an airport of its own so the closest airport is an hour drive from the capital. Enclosed with mountains, the valley is a perfect blend of old and new with its buildings adorned with traditional aspects and the town filled with high-end cafés and shops selling imported goods. The valley offers more than what meets the eye and one must travel to Thimphu to experience all the adventures of this mystical valley. check out our top 6 attractions in the capital.

#1.Buddha Point

Buddha point

Popularly known as Buddha point, the giant sitting statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is one of the must-visit attractions in Thimphu. The statue is located on a ridge overlooking the valley below. The 51.1 tall figure is gilded in gold and is probably the tallest Shakyamuni statue in the world. Within the statue, some 10, 25000 smaller statues have been placed.  The statue was constructed to spread an aura of peace and prosperity in the world according to an eighth-century prophecy of a Buddhist master and Treasurer Terton Pema Lingpa.

#2.Memorial Chorten

memorial chorten

The memorial Chorten is the most accessible attraction in the capital. It is located at a walking distance from the main town.  With its distinct feature, it is easily noticeable. The Tibetan style whitewashed stupa was erected to honor the memory of the third king of Bhutan.  Everyday elders gather at the Chorten and circumambulate around the Chorten to cleanse their bad karma.

#3.Dochula Pass

dochula pass

Driving towards Punakha valley, the idyllic pass of Dochula greets the visitors. The pass is adorned with 108 mini white-washed stupas. The pass is at an elevation of 3100 meters. Over recent years, the pass has become a major tourist attraction for the view it offers. The serene landscape offers an amazing opportunity to take pictures for the photography enthusiasts.  

#4.Bhutan Postal Museum


The Bhutan postal museum is a philatelists’ dream come true place as the museum flaunts a wide collection of stamps. The museum flaunts artifacts from the postal era and pre-postal era. The demonstrations of the stamps narrate the development of communication over the last centuries in the country.  Some of the amazing sets include CD stamps that play sounds when played on a CD player and record stamps. The visitors can buy stamps for souvenirs from the stamp shop located on the opposite side of the museum. They can even print their own pictures as stamps in the shop and could even write letters to their loved ones back at home and post it with the stamp at the post office located above the museum.

#5.Takin Preserve

Takin Preserve

Takin is the national animal of Bhutan. These majestic animals can be observed at the Takin preserve located in Motithang, a 15 minutes drive from the heart of the town.  The animals can be seen grazing and freely roaming the vicinity of the preserve. The center was initially established as a mini zoo with few Takins and some other endangered animals. Later the animals were freed into the wild by the Fourth King of Bhutan as it was perceived as being against the philosophy of Buddhism to hold animals in captivity. The animals were put back into the preserve after the animals refused to go into the wild and were found wandering the streets searching for food.  The animals are well fed and well cared for at the preserve.


Located on the banks of Wang Chu (Thimphu River), the 17th-century fort is one of the prime fortresses in the country. The Dzong is one of the largest in the country and houses government offices as well as the monastic body. It is also the office of the King of Bhutan. The Architecture of the Dzong is something to marvel upon as it exhibits true arts and crafts of Bhutan. Legend has it that the fortress is constructed without using a single nail.  The famous Thimphu Tshechu is also held within its colossal courtyard for three days annually.

How to book a tour to Bhutan Bhutan mandates a firm policy of tourism to protect its natural environment and cultural heritage by avoiding mass tourism. Therefore, most part of the country is still pristine thus providing an authentic experience to true adventure seekers. Bhutan’s perfectly balanced tour can leave an everlasting effect on the visitors. Every tourist visiting Bhutan is required to book your tour with a government registered local travel agency like BookMyTour.

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