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Top 7 Cheap Summer Vacations for Students

Studying in the university is a wonderful stage of life when you have time, youth and opportunities. The best way to use these three factors at the same time is to travel. It is also wrong to completely forget about studying, but in order to combine study and travel, one can always apply for help to A college student vacation deals with to problems – what country to choose and what sum of money will be needed. There are a lot of countries that offer cheap trips for college students, and we offer you to recognize the following best ideas.


Scotland is an unusual country with a rich and interesting history, in which diversity is inherent in everything. The islands are famous for one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Scotland is a country of contrasts, in which you will find noisy modern cities, incredibly beautiful lakes, mountains, and a picturesque coast. One of the most important sights is the Edinburgh Castle towering over the historic part of the city.  This country is just a storehouse of priceless knowledge for students who are studying history. You precisely need a planner to see all these monuments.


Probably, there is no place in the world where there are so many beautiful places to relax. Greece is a resort country. And there is nothing surprising in that here it is the birthplace of the European civilization. The magnificent climate, the clear waters of the sea, the rich nature – all this seemed to be created in order for a person to feel good here. It is a perfect destination for students. It has unique historical and cultural signs, so if you want to find the best summer trips for college students, this country will be a right choice. Moreover, it offers a lot of possibilities within the limits of a student’s budget.


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Cuba is really a unique country to visit on vacations, with white sand beaches, a cheerful atmosphere, and Latin lifestyle. The direction is suitable for those who want to combine lazy time on the beach and explore a new culture. This is the birthplace of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara; here you can see the unique vestiges of the Soviet culture and learn the terrible religious customs of the local population. All who study history, religion, politics and other humanitarian sciences will be able to find a lot of new for themselves.


Despite the fact that Hungary is a European country, rest here is absolutely inexpensive. At the same time, all services remain at the European level. This is an opportunity not only to immerse yourself in European culture but also to improve health with the help of thermal waters, try local dishes and drinks, visit historical sights and all this is cheap for a group of students.


Ecuador is the leader in the number of national parks and natural attractions. It offers such local sports entertainments as climbing volcanoes and traveling in the jungle, rest on the luxury beaches of the Pacific and tours to the Galapagos. This country will appeal to lovers of extreme leisure, as well as students who study geography and natural history. This country offers an incredible number of natural phenomena to study on weekends.


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Macedonia is not a popular travel destination. However, Macedonia is full of attainments; this is the country that modestly hides its beauty and opens only to those who are really kind in heart. Currently, Macedonia continues to be one of the most unexplored countries in Europe. Its majestic historical ruins, pastoral villages, which you can find only by passing an already forgotten road, pieces of a natural paradise in the mountains are still mysteries with seven seals. To come here means not only discovering all these and many other treasures but also to be in the center of one of the most contrasting blending of cultures on the whole continent.


The question of travelling to Ibiza on vacation does not even require an answer. The main purposes are the drive, fun, endless dances until the morning, warm sea and sandy beaches, active sports such as windsurfing or diving. Here you can forget about studying. Ibiza means an unrestrained fun, which is so characteristic of all students’ couples without exception.

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