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Top 7 Wedding Destinations in Thailand

Beach wedding cover photo

Cover photo via flickr
Breathtaking beaches and splendid resorts await you in fabulous Thailand. Selecting one of the many Thailand wedding venues will provide memories that will last a lifetime.

You will be amazed at the incredible settings for your wedding along beaches, lush jungle vegetation, and carefully manicured landscapes.

Each of the special destinations listed here are designed to offer the perfect setting.

When you’re looking for a destination wedding Thailand and its amazing people are there to provide everything you can imagine.

Each location has its own wonderful offerings.

Here are the best of places to get married in Thailand


For a combination of convenience and splendor, the island of Phuket tops the list. There are actually several beach locations, including Bang Tao, with its pristine white sand, and Layan–quiet and serene.

The accommodations available in Phuket range from simple, private bungalows to spectacular five star resorts. Whether you’re looking for a magnificent wedding feast or just a small, private affair, the hotels, resorts, and restaurants of Phuket will deliver anything you can imagine. You won’t be disappointed.

boats on sea near mountain during daytime


You will never forget your beach wedding in Thailand if you chose the fascinating island of Krabi. Its pleasant beaches offer simple elegance that you won’t find at the large seashores of Phuket.

Some of the special features of Krabi include splendid turquoise waters. There are also picturesque limestone cliffs that rise up majestically along Krabi’s shoreline. Beaches such as Nopparat Thara and Phra Nang are some of the favorite locations among Thailand wedding venues.

You can also select any number of smaller islands which dot the coastline of Krabi. Nok and Lanta are just a couple of the private and secluded islands which await you and your wedding party.

Ao Nang

Ao Nang, Krabi via flickr

Hua Hin

If you appreciate the comforts of the big city, Hua Hin is just a few hours away from the capital city of Bangkok. The beach city of Hua Hin offers a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city, yet you have all of the amazing resources of Bangkok readily available.

Along the beach are sections that can be divided from the main beach so that you have complete privacy for your Thai culture wedding.

One of the many benefits of selecting Hua Hin is the ease with which your guests can return to their sumptuous hotel rooms in downtown Bangkok.

boats on sea near green trees during daytime

Koh Samui

It’s very possible that when you tell people you are planning a beach wedding in Thailand, they will ask you if you had the ceremony performed at Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui.

This incredible city is actually ranked among the top ten wedding destinations in the world. The beaches along the shores of Koh Samui are absolutely stunning, and the hotels and restaurants have upscale accommodations right there along the beach.

Another option is Cheon Mon, a beach that is removed from the main resort areas. It offers much more privacy and freedom from any crowds. A Koh Samui beach wedding can be the most amazing of all Thailand wedding venues. Getting married in Koh Samui will give you a memory-filled experience.

koh samui

Koh Samui via flickr

Koh Tao

If your idea of a great beach wedding in Thailand includes true seclusion and unqualified privacy, Koh Tao is the place to be. The beaches are quiet and idyllic, and everything is within easy walking distance.

Your wedding will be as peaceful and joyful as one could ask for, and nearby Buddha Rock will watch over you during your stay on Koh Tao.

Koh Lipe

Among the many romantic places to have a beach wedding, Koh Lipe ranks high. One of the most amazing features of this small island getaway is sunrise beach.

While not its official name, all of the inhabitants of Koh Lipe will know what you are referring to. Waking up with a majestic view of the sunrise over Andaman Sea will create memories you won’t get anywhere else.

Ao Sunset, koh lipe

Ao Sunset, Koh Lipe via flickr

Koh Lanta

Last but certainly not least is Koh Lanta. A wonderful location for your beach wedding, with a variety of beach backgrounds available. Beaches rimmed with coral, rocky hills topped with banyan and umbrella trees, and bays lined with mangrove trees are just a few of the choices.

You can also have a traditional Thai wedding, including an elephant or a Buddhists blessing. You won’t be disappointed.
Choosing any one of these venues will provide you with the most perfect destination wedding Thailand can offer.

The beaches are amazing, the people friendly and caring, and the accommodations splendid and delightful.

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