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Best Places to Visit in California

California is known for its year round sunshine and beautiful coast. You can go from lying out on the hot sandy beaches to hiking in the gorgeous mountain landscapes all in one day. There are so many places in California to visit. Here are some of the top destinations you have to see while in California.


The majority of people who travel to California have either heard of, or dreamed of visiting Malibu. It is here that you will find endless beaches, and delicious seafood. If you are lucky enough, you might even spot a celebrity.
Malibu’s scenery is stunning. If you face the ocean you will see cliffs leading down to sandy sun filled beaches with the view of a never ending ocean. When you turn around, your sites will be occupied by giant mountains which are filled with numerous hiking trails for your adventure needs. Malibu is the perfect destination due to the relaxing beaches it provides as well as the many hiking trails to explore.

Kern River

If you are looking for the perfect camping spot, the Kern River is it! You have the option of reserving a spot, or you can be spontaneous, and find your own spot to camp for free along the river. Anywhere you camp, you will have the convenience of sleeping just feet away from the river. Whether you decide to go tubing, fishing, or just cool off with a swim, the Kern River is the perfect destination for people of all ages. You can go with your family, a group of friends, or for a romantic get away with your significant other.

The Kern River is located in the Sequoia National Forest providing scenery that you have never experienced. Sequoia National Forest is home to the giant sequoia tree. These are some of the biggest trees you will most likely ever set your eyes on. Taking a trip to the Kern River will provide unforgettable memories. You will not be disappointed that you decided on checking out this destination.


The city of Solvang encompasses the Danish culture. Full of shops and restaurants, this place will make you feel like you have traveled to another country.

One food that you have to try when in Solvang is an aebleskiver. They are pancake balls that are topped with powdered sugar and eaten with jam. Aebleskiver’s are a Danish dish that will have your mouth watering the second their scent reaches your nostrils.

If you want to experience the colorful Danish culture, Solvang can provide that for you. From the many trinkets to delicious food, you will never be disappointed when you visit Solvang.

California has so many amazing destinations. If you want your fun to start at take off, it can be beneficial to look into getting a private jet charter. Traveling by private jet charter makes your travel experience worry free. You won’t have to deal with crowded airports, or security lines. In addition you will have the luxurious experience of enjoying a ride in a private jet.

As the climate is warm year round, pests can be a huge problem – you might need exterminators in California.

No matter how you get there, California will give you the vacation of a lifetime. Malibu, the Kern River, and Solvang will all provide a completely different experience. These destinations will make you wish that your California Vacation would never end.

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