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Top Five Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is a renowned company and hotel chain operating in over 8000 places. Each lodging owned by the business is of the highest tier. Nevertheless, some stand out among all others. Let us discuss the top five among them.

Grand Clearwater Beach Resort

The Grand Clearwater Beach Resort is an outstanding hotel surrounded by a mesmerizing landscape. It offers enthralling views of the Gulf. Additionally, the hotel has excellent customer service. It provides various facilities and amenities to its customers. It consists of requested valet parking, HD TVs of 50 inches, sealed bottled water, mini-fridges, coffee makers, etc. Moreover, an outdoor pool, spa, fitness center, and event spaces can get included.


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TRYP is a highly-rated hotel featuring a traditional style and décor. It permits the guests to access most local spots effortlessly, remaining situated in the middle of the lively Manhattan town. TRYP offers spacious rooms, the largest of which can accommodate up to eight adults. It can get owed to the use of sofa beds and bunk beds. Furthermore, each room comes with 3D glasses, 60-inch TV, and so on.

TRYP provides its customers with the opportunity to use their highly-equipped fitness rooms. They come with all the required workout clothing and equipment. 

Hotel Galvez & Spa

Hotel Galvez & Spa is renowned for its helpful and friendly staff members. Additionally, its spa services have made a name for themselves. The hotel offers small yet comfortable rooms filled with a historic ambiance. The rooms offer private baths, necessary toiletries, free Wi-Fi connection, and docking stations for iPods. Furthermore, Hotel Galvez & Spa provides an on-site dining area and an outdoor pool. 

Silverado Resort and Spa

Silverado Resort and Spa comes with more than just accommodations. It offers numerous sports activities, including extensive golf courses. Each room remains adorned with cotton sheets from Egypt, showing the hotel’s class and standard. Also, the guests can access and use private bathrooms, premium TV channels, coffee bars, outdoor pools, terraces, etc. They can have a fun and engaging time on the tennis court and work out a sweat there. 

Westward Look


Westward Look is another high-class resort and hotel owned by Wyndham. It offers approximately 241 rooms. Overall, the accommodations serve as a place of paradise for nature lovers. It can get owed to all the greenery surrounding the hotel. The resort allows its customers to go biking, horseback riding, and hiking on specified and safe trails. 

The rooms of Westward Look feature a balcony or a patio. Free Wi-Fi connection, TVs, private bathrooms, and so on make up the other amenities. Additionally, the guests can relax in a Sonoran Spa.
Wyndham allows its customers to stay at these hotels and resorts using a timeshare. The company offers all the associated benefits as well. However, an individual may wonder- “how can I cancel my Wyndham timeshare?” They can do so by canceling the contract before the rescission period, selling it, or seeking the help of a timeshare exit company.